Breathing New Life Into PC Games & Space Sims podcast – Chris Roberts – SxSW 2013

Star Citizen
Chris Roberts examines the resurgence of PC games due, in no small part, to the introduction of crowd funding.

This was Chris’ panel at the 2013 SxSW Interactive Festival.


  1. Eff consoles. Eff their crappy controls which result in shallow, dumbed-down games (yes, Battlefield & clones, I'm looking at you). Eff the consoles 10 year lifecycles which means that hardware stagnates for 6-8 years.

    The Steamboxes, the Oculus Rift, and games like this is the future.

    Now I'm off to upgrade my Star Citizen pledge.

  2. This video is awesome. Already love and follow RSI but this was a great video in general about the state of gaming and the PC vs Console war etc.

  3. I don't think that's true.
    The actual PC element of my PC cost me about that, and it runs all current triple-A games at maximum. I intend to upgrade for Star Citizen, but I don't think those kind of rolling expenses are that big of a deal given game price differences and stuff, and the fact my consoles break every few years anyway.

    The trouble really is knowing what parts to buy.. but I'd have a PC anyway, it actually works out cheaper to make it a half decent one and not have a console.

  4. Price is a pretty serious issue, especially among younger gamers, though in this day and age with people struggling to make ends meet it's not just the kids who might not be able to afford decent gaming PCs.
    I would hope though that, by the time the game goes into final release, a computer which will run it will have dropped in price considerably. Because the power of PCs is always increasing you might as well get it as high spec as possible so that it's still competitive upon release.

  5. @Marcel Rodriguez: That is a very general assumption. However, you are probably right most people can not afford a higher end PC. However, there are certain advantages to a group of people who are playing more expensive PC type games: maturity. I am not saying all people who can not afford lower end machines or consoles are immature or all higher end PC people are more mature. However, i would wager more higher end pc players are normally dedicated and thus people i want to be with.

  6. Enjoy paying for your expensive games, then.

  7. So in essence you're not actually supporting the industry at all. And the prices still won't beat Steam sales. 😉

  8. i buy them during steam sales and from humble bundle.
    just got 6 AAA games for 5 bucks.

  9. many 500 dollar PCs will run star citizen and plus star citizen is better than any console games

  10. @Shondy, the GPU's that will be needed to run this will cost 150-200 alone. a 500$ pc will not run this game at any respectable level.

  11. Love this game! thank yu for making this dream game!  all pc gamers are with you! 

  12. world of tank is actually on Xbox now… i think, and i think that sucks because its a great game

  13. Consoles will weep and beg Chris to make his product for them if they see the numbers after release. Now there like ehh another WOW game. We pc gamers are like "?" Ef you corps. Also you missed Planet side2 with  also a very great Community within their faction though lol

  14. I remember playing and loving freelancer… I played it every day. 6 hours straight. MY WHOLE AFTERNOON WENT INTO THAT GAME XD

  15. Speaking as a guy who grew up on Scifi…i am drooling over this game. CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on it!


  17. i loved the outlander i might wach it again 

  18. Let us light up the night side of sky and let us persevere for even that one person who is not an arsehole and is worth preserving 🙂 34:45 …time courtesy of Mark78 at RSI forums. 

  19. I can totally agree that games do have a generic character feel at the moment but they are coming around.  Say what you want about the Mass Effect series and the ending, but I have never been so fully emerged in a game and all the characters  I grew to love.  More games need to take this aspect and incorporate it in their games.

  20. PC Gaming is dead, Space sims are dead.
    -> Got 35million dollars for funding Star Citizen


  22. this crowd funding is so good, espeically for designers engineers, and how to people, because, well, for me, all i want to do is make or create things better and i haven't got middle managemnet breathing down my neck, who, bless them normally haven't a clue what your doing or can perceive your vision, although, i think it is good idea to have someone separate or separate company over seeing what you're doing, and making sure climbing mountains and just faffing about which easy to get stuck in.

  23. Bob Chipman, why am I surprised that he'd say bullcrap like that? I can started with his review on "The Last Airbender" and claiming it not being racist on the casting choice and so much more. Star Citizen, please succeed and prosper, so Chipman can eat his own words!

  24. Any chance of a repeat of that survey now that we're almost at 40 000 000 $?

  25. I love that he used the font that was also used in Freelancer. Oh the memories..

  26. PC's FOREVER!  Thanks Chris, and THANKS for all those hours of entertainment you have given us over the decades.

  27. KUDOS to the nod to TRAVELLER!  Fantastic RPG that sadly went away.

  28. what a difference clsoe to a year makes! awesome keep up the great work!

  29. You Can't Say You Hate Console. Pc and Console have Different Advantages and Disadvantages.For Example, you can have friends come over to play COD or BF4 on a couch, with PC you can't do that, it'd be pretty awkward 5 Guys Sitting at one desk with 5 Keyboards and 5 Mouses all hooked up to a computer with 5 split screens. Don't Hate on Console just because it doesn't have up to date Graphics, Modding community. Both have Advantages and Disadvantages. I personally like playing on Pc for the Graphics, modding, community, crowdfunding. BUT! I also like console playing when my mates come over. We sit down, load up a cod or bf4, and we eat/drink into the night on our controllers. Both are good, but again, there are different situations that both are headed towards.

  30. I wish more people called out Movie Bob for being the bloated uninformed hack with his head up his ass that he is.

  31. Screw those investors and corporate big wigs – DROP those scum like a hot turd!  All they'll do is mess things up.

    Who cares about getting those old man private investors involved anymore?  Those idiots and their broken government-monopoly enforced business model are obsolete.  Crowdfunding and the Internet have won – good riddance to the big corporate PC "gaming" industry.

  32. Lucky Number Slevin is such a great Movie and  i did not even know that Chris worked on it.

  33. The only good thing I will says about this is the called out on Moviebob PC Game is dead.

  34. Complete transparency. Where has that been ever

  35. Money goes 4 times farther with development if we give it to you? I wish!


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