BEST UPCOMING VR SPACE GAMES! Upcoming VR games 2020, 2021. Top Space Games 2020!

Hey Guys,
In this video I will be talking about 5 upcoming VR space games. These games appear to be the best upcoming vr space games! Hope you enjoy!

Time Stamps:
5: 1:06
4: 3:04
3: 5:04
2: 6:40
1: 8:25

The List:
Battlegroup VR
Quantum Bridges
Altverse Disruption
Space Dream VR



  1. What’s the Game at the very start in the background?

  2. This is a worthless video for PS4 or 5's

  3. Hard vacuum has some promise, reminds me of wing commander

  4. What's the game in the background during the intro?

  5. I'm not sure I can play in space with vertigo, what else could be fun? Another good review, Thank you.

  6. what is up with quantum bridges? I busted my ass to get a damn quest so I could play Elite Dangerous, only to find out right now that I freaking cant do Steam. I just spent 10 hrs trying to set this crap up and I cant do it. Im trying so hard to find a space game that is comparable and I am striking out. I wish there was some way to do it without a fkg gaming pc.

  7. What was that flying game at the end of your show here? that looked really cool? I dont know how to find these on my oculus. I look at the games and there are so few and theyre basically lame.

  8. Havent heard anything about flagsship. Any news?

  9. Where can I download spacedream if I have an oculus

  10. I’m being honest, I’d expect you to have more subscribers

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