Best Upcoming SPACE GAMES | PS5 | PS4 | Xbox Series X | Xbox One | PC

Upcoming Space Games of 2021 coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. These are the Best Space Games. Incredible Upcoming Games 2021. The Best Upcoming Games for 2021 in the Space category are exciting.

0:00 – Kerbal Space Program 2 – PC | XBOX | PS4/5
2:23 – Mass Effect Legendary Edition – PC | XBOX | PS4/5
4:01 – Everspace 2 – PC | XBOX | PS4/5
5:19 – Starfield – PC | XBOX
6:19 – EXO One – PC | XBOX
7:42 – Boundry – PC | XBOX | PS4/5
8:38 – Pragmata – PC | XBOX | PS4/5
10:41 – Dual Universe – PC
11:57 – Starbase – PC
14:57 – Elite Dangeous Odyssey – PC | XBOX | PS4/5
16:07 – Halo Infinite – PC | XBOX
17:06 – Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga – PC | XBOX | PS4/5 | Nintendo Switch
19:05 – Jett the Far Shore – PC | PS4/5
21:02 – Mass Effect 4 – PC

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  1. Thank you all for watching. Please take a moment to comment below and tell me which game/s you are most excited about or any I may have missed.Thanks!

  2. Elite Dangerous Odyssey looks good and all I can say is I hope they don't F* up ME4 like they did the end of 3 and the abomination they call Andromeda.

  3. Remember playing kerby pinball on the gameboy…not sure if thats in any relations to Kerbal space program

  4. What turns me off in Starbase, is playing as a robot. And look about that Pragmata, the astronaut has his/her face covered. How does it make you feel to idenify playing a charater who has no face at all? The girl and the cat where right away more interesting characters than the face covered astronaut. Like the green aliens in Kerbal were more interesting characters than the robots in Starbase.

  5. can anyone explain better what Elite Dangerous Odyssey is all about? Is it a stand-alone game or a DLC?

  6. Here after the complete death of elite on console. Hopefully starfield won’t disappoint

  7. Hope it only get’s released to next gen and pc

  8. I was taking the first game seriously until I saw the aliens

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