Best Space Games on Steam (2020 Update!)

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Looking for Best Space Games on Steam to Buy? Come Here, I Have Gathered a List of 10 Best Space Games on Steam in 2020, Including Only Top Space Games of Different Genres, Such As Space Exploration, Space Simulator, Space Survival, Space Strategy, and Other Good Space Games That You Can Play on Steam Right Now.

Here You Can Buy These Best Space Games on Steam at the Cheapest Price:

1. Stellaris (Link – $7.99 | Steam – $39.99) –

2. No Man’s Sky (Link – $18.99 | Steam – $59.99) –

3. Space Engineers (Link – $9.49 | Steam – $19.99) –

4. Moons of Madness (Link – $12.69 | Steam – $24.99) –

5. XCOM: Chimera Squad (Link – $9.50 | Steam – $19.99) –

6. X4: Foundations (Link – $35.59 | Steam – $49.99) –

7. Prey (Link – $6.29 | Steam – $29.99) –

8. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 (Link – $14.29 | Steam – $39.99) –

9. Borderlands: The Pre-sequel (Link – $8.19 | Steam – $39.99) –

10. Starpoint Gemini Warlords (Link – $3.19 | Steam – $34.99) –

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  1. Damn moons of madness looks dope and is giving me PREY 2017 vibes if you’ve played it if you haven’t check it out that’s a game you don’t want to miss out on in terms of story, gameplay, survival and thriller/ spoopy moments.

  2. No Mans Sky? No thanks, not supporting liars.

  3. Gotta suggest Avorion – came out of early access a few months ago. Good balance of building / ship management, trading, fighting and exploration

  4. Why isint universe sandbox 2 here at all

  5. can you play no man sky with 4gb ram with good graphics card?

  6. I want space warfare and at the same time planetary warfare fps style as well. An mmo with a good story if possible. There's a lot that looks nice in these but they have one without the other or it's not fully flushed out to what I have in mind. No Man's Sky looks like the best bet but idk.

  7. With respect, since most games tend to hide their games behind fancy ads it would be FAR more useful to see some actual gameplay footage of each of these games. Or if there is in here, maybe indicate which parts show true gameplay. Since while this video has given me some idea of possible games I am no closer to deciding whether to get any from this video alone.

  8. How tf did you forget kerbal space program

  9. Does eve online good I started yesterday and trying to learn it:/

  10. Hi, currently looking for steam games that focus on space exploration/building/colonizing/wars. Any ideas?

  11. Second Galaxy was totally missed in this review! I think the best Space MMO sandbox & cross platform game into Mobile that is out there today hands down for massive PvP (if you are into that…).

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