Best Space games of 2021 – Current, Dead, Done and Upcoming!

Full compilation of best(mostly) of space games in 2021, including games from 2014, 2016,2018,2020 and even planed 2022! All these games with a few exceptions are interesting space sim, space ship focused nonsense and more.Some of these games are my TOP picks, others – exact opposite. Some of these games are “AAA”, others are full on indie titles. All these games include a bit of everything, space combat, space exploration,space trading, space toilet using, space ship and more!
Following games are included :
STAR WARS: Squadrons
Elite Dangerous
X4: foundations
No Man’s sky
Starpoint Gemini 3
Objects in space
Everspace 2
Space Engineers
Rebel galaxy Outlaw
Hardspace: Shipbreaker
FTL: faster than light
Helium rain
Outer wilds
Redout Space Assault
Flight Of Nova
SPACERIFT: Arcanum System
Earth Analog
Star Citizen / Squadron42
Infinity Battlescape
Dual Universe
Kerbal Space Program 2

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  1. so. . . the last main hope for space-games is some russian dude with the unity engine, a dream and (probably literally) a big book on game-engine-coding?
    tried NMS, it's another mile wide half-inch-deep experience, plus the difficulty isn't cutomisable so if I want a survival run I can't carry jack and my resorces magically de-spawn if I diebut is i play on normal mode i'm functionally immortal and can carry an entire nostromo worth of resources in my non-upgraded backpack while the worlds provide near-zero threat or functional variety.

    I got EA:squadrons, still yet to boot it up, not expecting much as it's a 4 v 4 PvP game at the core. story looks like trash but the flying may be fun for a while. hopefully someone manages to mod the shit out of the engine and turnit into a platform form which the entire X-sing series of games can be remasterd within, though I doubt i seeing how out-of-bounds explosion ridden the bits I have seen so far have been. it's an arena-fighter at heart but a man can hope. I want to fly a YT-1300 again and not have the graphics be wireframe (plus some basic textures) and the controlls be so archaic that it still requires the quick-play card to know what each button on the keyboard does (modern UI have vastly similified these thought he console-first approach has likewise gutted the depth of scope and control we sonce had).

  2. I'm sorry…is your point to have us check these games out or not?…hard to translate the constant negativity and ridiculously cringy jokes you make through out. Jesus dude…make just ONE video where you don't sound like a pompous prick

  3. Jeez those jokes and remarks were highly annoying

  4. Single dev game has more solid design elements than Elite Dangerous. Let that sink in.

  5. Руская мова вельмі добрая ў цябе. Лаяшся нібытта гопнік.

  6. Is depressing that these videos have basically been the same for about 5 years

  7. Give the guy from Novosibirsk the $350M that are being wasted on SC

  8. Starpoint Gemini is so British they use the stick with the left hand

  9. I'm still sad about Hellion. It really scratched an itch that I had

  10. Empyrion is, I know Voxel, nice little survival in space game like space engineers. Janky flying but it's improving

  11. I got my moneys worth out of DU. BUT It has got a lot of problems. Shame too because it had potential out the ass!

  12. Starsector, just had an update and well worth a look

  13. I do wonder what you think of Pulsar Lost colony. It’s jank as hell but I’ve had a lot of fun with it. Still being supported too.

  14. You should have to wash your mouth out with soap for comparing the amazing Outer Wilds to No Mans after-years-its-finally-at-least-decent Sky.
    While I don't really consider Outer Wilds an actual space game but an exploration puzzle adventure that just happens to take place in a tiny solar system, it's still 1000x the game NMS is.
    …And great vid, thumbs up!

  15. One game that has a LONG history that could be good to look at is Star Control: Origins. I think the original Star control games predate Elite. (The old one, not Dangerous). (Its more along the lines of the later games in the video, not a flight sim)

  16. i wished you get into star trek online and eve online to give them feedback they could grow on! they might need a little rough wiggling to wake up! sto's faction system is one dimensional klingon vs fed and everything is squeezed into these instead of creating uniqur factions as well as it is sucking of people with microtransactions. please they have been cuddled up too much and might be in dire need of been showering of your kind of criticism!

  17. Have you tried Galaxy Genome on mobile? It is like a mini elite. Really! The devs ripped half of elite mechanics and ideas and put it on a 2d game. Pretty fun I must say.

  18. It's like Dual Universe ripped off Empyrion: Galactic Survival (which is actually a decent game).

  19. Hey Yamiks. Where do you place the Privateer games in this? And keep it up, your attitude is funny as hell.

  20. As far as I know there is an IOS port of it. However android side, there isn't one.

  21. It's embarrassing that I have to say this but… Don't have expectations. Never a good idea.

  22. i love your vids man but it would be nice if you timestamped them

  23. I didn't sleep with my cousin… my Dad got there first 😉

  24. holy crap i dont play mobile games at all except pixel dungeon. shoutout!

  25. Elite Dangerous and their amazing UI you say… Past Yamiks, I have news for you…

  26. I feel like PULSAR lost colony belongs on this list, its certainly not perfect but the passion the devopers put into it make me really hopeful for its future.

  27. I bet blizzard will release World of Warcraft 2 before Star Citizen launch.

  28. Lgm are great guys but yea exposition hell

  29. I disagree on the Aiming, X3TC mouse aiming was the best, and the Spitfires-in-Space controls of Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen can go suck my gimbals.

  30. Wow that EMP / Static Overload effect in Everspace 2 gives me seizures and I don't suffer from photosensitivity.

  31. Dual Universe was incredibly heart breaking for me too bro….

  32. Learn about EVE online you tool. You will be excluding it from videos for years to come otherwise. It's not going to die any time in the next decade. I just went back to it after 13 years of not playing it and it was not hard to relearn and it is just as busy as it had ever been over the last 20 years.

  33. I love the description of No Mans Sky. Greatest redemption arc in all of gaming by far.

  34. Fine compilation with some novel, promising entries like 'Spacerift: Arcanum System'.

    Have You taken a look into 'Pulsar: Lost Colony' as an example of a cooperative 'crew' gameplay ?

    ('The Best Indie Space Game? Pulsar: Lost Colony Game Review')

    There had also been a 'total conversion' for the dated, but immersive STAR WARS 'X-Wing Alliance' engine, porting the pixelated, but captivating 1990s 'Tie Fighter' missions.

    ('TIE Fighter Total Conversion – Full Release Trailer')

  35. Why the f*** do the X4 developers bring out expansions instead of ****** just make a better UI? Why why why???

  36. Reshpect from down under comrade! I'm originally from Zagreb, did a little bit of Russian in middle school – I should learn Ruski just to play Spacerift farken! 😉

  37. ZERO Gravity Games should be Sued for abandoning HELLION, What I mean by Sued is that they should be forced to finish the game. That was going to be a awesome game and probably one of the best space games ever. They were doing a really good job until their IQ dropped and didn't have the skill to finish the It. what a piss off Glad I didn't pay for my version of the game. I got it for free on steam with the announcement that, the game was not going to be up dated any more. and If you talk to the ZERO Gravity developers they say that the game is done, which it is not and it seems to be full of Bugs.

  38. I have tried most of these games and i don't like them all, but i found some fun in x4: foundations, which has so many problems of its own, but feels like a true space sim.

  39. Hearing Yamiks make, what can only be described as a cat meow in russian, makes me cry laughing every time

  40. Bro what do you think of Mass effect would you do a playthrough or a let's Play or the guy down how to with all the DLC and all the trimmings I would join your patreon to see you do that

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