Best Space Exploration Games

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Top 15 Best Space Exploration Games: For anyone who has ever wanted to explore the vast reaches of space, these games are absolutely essential!
00:00 Intro
00:35 Avorion
01:06 Hardspace Shipbreaker
01:39 Starbase
02:15 The Outer Worlds
02:54 Breathedge
03:26 No Man’s Sky
03:57 Elite Dangerous
04:38 Stellaris
05:05 Outer Wilds
05:31 Starmancer
06:08 Dyson Sphere Program
06:41 Eve Online
07:10 Mass Effect
07:43 X4 Foundations
08:23 Everspace


  1. Is that x4 gameplay from an expansion? does not look like the x4 i played months ago.

  2. In which of the presented games is there mining (asteroid mining). thank you

  3. Good video, should have more views

  4. You should mention platforms these games are on.

  5. Damn, spoilers for every single game on the list -_-

  6. Great idea for a video but 720p in 2022 is massive NO for me. Thanks anyways.

  7. 10 seconds into the video & I must share this. The voice they use for this video is a mind numbing experience.

  8. Eve Online is a mess. They upped their monthly $$ sub fee. I won't deny costs have gone up, but that game can't support that IMO.

  9. After all the years of gaming and not one good space game made yet.

  10. what disappoint me these days is that i have little time to enjoy games and i find it frustrating when a game ask me to learn as much as a freaking engineering degree to be able to enjoy it (looking at you factorio) i was hoping to maybe find a game that was somehow simple yet very fun like FTL but im still looking …

  11. Star Trek online ? I just started and I love it

  12. When will people realize that having a robot/text to speech bot is a channel killer?

  13. You clearly have never played any of these games

  14. OI MATE! your forgetting about the most fun. SPACE ENGINEERS!

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