BEST REALLY GREAT SPACE GAMES FOR PC| Top 10 Best Games For PC About Space 2020.

BEST SPACE GAMES for pc are hard to find but I had done my best to provide you top 10 best games for pc about space which are available in 2020. Most of these games are offline and can be played without internet and other games which are online they can also be played solo in offline mode. Some of these can also be played in multiplayer. My most favorite game out of these games in list is Dead Space you can tell your own favorite in comments. This list includes games from almost all categories like rpg, third person shooter, first person shooter, exploring the space, discovering new things, survival , strategy combat, fps etc.

The name of this channel (Gamanji) is inspired from Jumanji which is an awesome movie series. I have mixed it like this Games + Jumanji = Gamanji.
I hope you will like these videos and also comment your suggestion regarding anything which you think I should improve or change. I will be very thankful to you for any kind of useful recomendations.

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This channel is all about gaming, gameplays, game trailer reactions or best game countdowns in different categories. I assure you here that all my gameplays will be in Hindi. Well If you ask me which are my favorite pc games these are Resident evil 4 specially and complete series, Prince of Persia The Two Thrones and also Warrior Withing, Evil Within, Assassins creed Series etc.

Any kind of memes/clips used in videos or references made to people or anything said while gaming is only for entertainment purpose. So, please don’t take it seriously and keep enjoying. This type of content is not for trolling anyone or for spreading hate it is used just for entertainment purpose and to make you laugh.

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