BEST Planetary Tech in SPACE GAMES: Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky – CitizenCon

New planet tech was on show at CitizenCon 2952 for Star Citizen. The game has now claimed the crown for best planet tech in a space game. But how does it actually compare to other titles?

CitizenCon 2952 Pyro video can be seen here:

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  1. I Think Star Citizen must not be compared with the others. Because it is not a real finished Game.

  2. Star Citizen showed something that looks good? Its all sandwormd until its released.

  3. Empyrion Galactic Survival's Reforged Eden scenario has incredible planet generation as well.

  4. i just want ai generated game content. and real time content generation by trained neural nets running on the online servers. and npcs controlled by trained, state of the art ai. i don't think i'm asking too much.

  5. I'm excited for the beyond good and evil 2, looks like they'll have some great planets

  6. i wish elite's odyssey just allowed us to land on all atmospheric planets or atleast more types with thicker atmosphere's and actual like flora coverage…

  7. "Uninspired". If I had to describe Elite Dangerous in one word, that'd be it. Uninspired.

  8. No mans sky still has his imo one of the best generations

  9. Elite dangerous has a lot but needs to fix bugs on each

  10. I think it's really star citizen vs statfield vs star citizen elite dangerous is way behind ……everybody just think base game with expansions, beta and alpha forever

  11. If no man's sky was realistic they would literally be the winners forever

  12. Very true for the beauty statement….. nature in space and different specific moments are truly beautiful

  13. Elite literally should be 2 cant find anything unless you travel for half the day

  14. Don't forget Star Citizen is still in the making , animals and more plants environments rivers and lots more stuff yet to be added in game. Also the game has physical wind and rain and very real physics in most things. It's becoming a galaxy simulator

  15. I backed ED from the very beginning. ED quickly became boring because you were stuck in the cockpit and I was watching how SC developed. I quit ED and backed SC instead. A few years ago I reinstalled ED and I played for only half an hour.. I could not bare more.. Then I laughed all the way through the uninstallation process. I bought NMS, but as many of us did, I got my money back. I have seen what NMS has become and I have huge respect for their way to come back.

    But SC is the game for me and I will stick to SC. ED is dead and I am so sad that it never became like the old Elite games.

  16. If NMS had a handful of planets to render then they would be just as detailed as SC. Instead they are rendering procedurally. Not hard to build a few planets with zero gameplay elements on for the purposes of dick waving about how good your tech is. On NMS you can build bases, visit trading stations, populate them with NPC's, explore underground etc. On SC you just visit them….and that's it, but the backers get all teary about how good the tech is in a game that's been in development for nearly a decade and has cost 500 million.

  17. What makes a very good looking planet you asking? 10 FPS is my answer.

  18. I hands down love Star Citizens planet tech, and it will keep getting better. No Man's Sky has diversity in spades, and the art style is what it is for exactly what it is. Elite for me just too grey, and as such I did not get too deep into it. I bought Elite and SC around the same time, and at that time you could not land on planets in SC. However, just the color of the planets made them pop more for me. I would play Elite for 27 hours, but I stuck with SC, and NMS, but eventually stopped playing NMS due to the lack of diverse gameplay. Then eventually this year stopped playing SC, for the waiting of one of their key tech. SC will be the only space game I stick to in the future, due to the right amount of fantasy and realism. NMS may also be played from time to time during SCs development.

  19. No Man's Sky takes the cake for me in all areas – however, Evochron Legacy SE is a close runner-up as it also works in VR and has stunning planetary tech.

  20. Sadly, none of these categories is fait to Elite Dangerous, considering the other two simply focus more on wow factor. ED wants to showcase vast emptiness in most aspects of the game, while Star Citizen and No Man's Sky want their locations to offer more – more to do, more to see, and more reason to get out and run around.
    Also, both SC and NMS allow exploration and landing on atmospheric worlds, where life and interesting weather happens. ED does not… because… reasons.
    I hope F-Dev one day realizes that they'd benefit from expanding into interesting atmospheric planets – especially given the serious competition and interest in the genre with both existing and emerging games.
    I love that you mention that NMS doesn't even bother to be realistic
    and doesn't have to be. It's stylized aesthetic is beautiful and amazing to look at, and is in a league of its own.

  21. NMS has good gameplay Elite has deeper exploration, but Star Citizen has no rival for living in the stunning cinematic ships, planets, cities And devastating bugs!

  22. While not providing a final score is understandable. Not providing a final fally of your provided scores was a mistake.
    I was expecting a table at the end showing the breakdown of what you provided throughout the video.

    AT THE LEAST, some time stamps to the moments you provided scores, so they cna be, you know, FOUND.

  23. I find it funny how people call it realistic when I’m pretty sure no one’s ever been into a surface of another plannet.


  25. Another category I would have added are points of interest / gameplay locations. Planets without frontier settlements, supply depots, criminal hideouts, comms outposts, crash sites or camp sites, are just barren wastelands.

  26. Elite Dangerous needs optimization to get back to the quality in the first developer diary and surpass that bar! Star Citize will apparently go to NextGen, but Eite needs to become one to lag a step behind, but no more than that.

  27. Nothing from Star Citizen exists until it's been released. It's all hopes and dreams right now.

  28. name of this track? couldnt find it with just Epidemic Sound :C

  29. 'best planet tech in a space game' have12 planets

  30. I prefer 1 thing done VERY well over many done poorly
    Valheim staggered me at times with it's weather, lighting and fog FX even as it's base graphics often looked horrendous up close.
    Likewise I'm long since bored of most NMS planets as heavy colour saturation on 80% interchangeable planets (a common issue with dynamic generation when the seed-bank is relatively small for each biome type), there ae at least caves, "floating islands", mountains (not so much ranges more RNG placement) or oceans are possible
    ED I took a look at one landable planet and declared them all a time-waste (not helped by the RNG acquisition of materials), that was before odyssey melted all the interesting planets down like the features of a wax figure melted by a candle.
    even destiny 2 feels lacking a lot due to how little-utilised the overland areas are versus the endless push to play, replay then play again the copy-paste mindless instances that last 5-15 mins (tho the pvp maps are even worse because instead of a maybe fun and certainly frantic 5 minute match you end up in 15-20 minute slogs that drag on despite clear one-sided fights, so by simple case of timing you learn to rapidly loathe certain maps regardless of the pretty textures).

    Favourite game for biomes so far? till subnautica, warframe and division 2. Subnauticaa made an entire plateau filled with bio-diversity and features, warframe uses a tileset system to vary up every biome type to make navigation a strong part of the missions (even as you slide, pounce, roll, aimglide, wall-boune, repeat you way through each tile ebtween objectives) and division2 gave you clear limits on what you could do then set an entire city around you to navigate, take on (limited) patrols then attack/defend various different buildings, bases and thematic terrain/location/monument features (division 1 never quite sat right with me despite the still decent use of location).

  31. I’ll wait to see how it actually runs. I don’t care how fancy some trailer is.

  32. The answer? All the shame.

    Now, that said, there are newer games coming and some of the UE5 stuff is amazing just… not at the same scale. UE5 has much better overall lighting, texturing, etc.

    Starfield is probably going to meet or beat SC in overall visual fidelity, but will lake the physics work that SC has put in for weather and volumetric clouds and planets orbiting and rotating and sunrise and all of that.

  33. Star Citizen should have scored lower on accessibility. Since Pyro isn't released yet. No one can access it. Since you used development footage to showcase how good the tech is, it is only fair.

  34. star citizen strikes the best balance between realism and stuff to do imo. Problem is even with a CERN supercomputer, the backend is so poorly optimized that you will never experience any form of competitive framerates :/

  35. Star Citizen with it's solar-system-sized high-fidelity levels is the clear winner for me. The tech is completely incredible. To me, however, Star Citizen is just a glorified tech demo. A bloody impressive one, but the times I have logged on I have quickly logged off because there is no game here yet and I will play games that are more polished.

    I have funded SC to Concierge level, and if the project fails I will be sad, but I wont be sad because of the money I've lost. I have not put anything in that I cannot afford to lose, but I am also well done with funding this game. The ball is in their corner now. I understand new backers. But I don't understand old ones throwing more money at the project.

  36. I think that excessive "vastness" in a game always runs the risk of ending up being an empty and monotonous game.

  37. Star citizen is a visual feast but I’ll never forget the deep beautiful isolation of ED being at the top of the galaxy in my anaconda. Or roaming some deep chasms of some dead world.

  38. Hey Obsidian I love your videos brother, you really bring some great content to YouTube and I love your stuff. But you really need to stop bringing Star Citizen into the conversation. It's a money laundering scheme disguised as an "alpha". its intended to keep people spending infinitely while it's in "development". Maybe focus on Elite and other games that are actually worthy of the air time. Thanks.

  39. Now do a video of "Planetary Tech in Other Games (Aside from the Big 3)" There are so many games that have planets and I think a video exploring what they do and fail to do to make their examples stand out less than Elite, Star Citizen, and No Man's Sky.

  40. I will not argue over this topic, but Elite Dangerous had and still has so much potential to be the best space sim on the market. The thing is is that they need to find a way to make it better before their competitor, Star Citizen, gets me hooked on their full release. Ever since Odyssey was released, this game plummeted. People want a high number of things from Elite Dangerous. My biggest needs for this game is the ability to walk around your ship (Something that Star Citizen did), have all land fall planets (Something that Star Citizen is achieving), and have a better on foot gameplay (another thing that Star Citizen did). Star Citizen would be the best space game on the market right now if there was more in their alpha testing, and believe me, there is way more in this game that we haven't seen yet. If you were to ask me what game would be better if they were at their prime? Elite Dangerous, hands down. Right now, Elite Dangerous is in a bad spot and Star Citizen is taking advantage of it. Hopefully Frontier doesn't let us down more than what they did with Odyssey, and that's coming from a guy that really loves Elite Dangerous.

  41. Until Star Citizen works on Linux then I'll literally have no choice but to continue playing NMS and E:D

  42. 4. Fully explorable on foot, air and from space.
    edit: okey try this one more time in 2-3 years when SC planetary tech is finished like NMS is saying that is.
    not to meantion SC has planet completely covered with a single continues city and its not just shader.
    Sorry for being a white knight but this is like saying fully completed SLS is as good as untested and incomplete Starship in its current state.
    You should have point out cons and pros for each tech and their standing to other techs plus the technical aspects of each tech that should also play a role in rating because once SC planet tech is fully completed all these other games can just hide and suck on a thumb.
    Sorry for being a white knight

  43. SC is good but someone needs to tell them every planet shouldn't be covered with rocks etc like a cake with hundreds and thousands. Just leave big areas more empty and then the areas with objects make more sense and more interesting. Fly low over wonderful surfaces and rocks pop in like raisins all over even on the peaks.
    It looks crap and is illogical. Fix that and you would be able to enjoy the wonderful work or the textures and the geology would be far more convincing

  44. Kerbal Space Program 2 will be a contender come February. KSP1 with mods just about looks like 2. So 2 with mods…

  45. All games should be experienced as they have all their pros and cons. But Star Citizen's planets take it for me. Each planet and all the moons are amazing, the variety in biomes is incredible. They are so much more varied than the procedural tech of the other games that gives you "technically" different worlds generated but end up feeling the same.

  46. I dont think this was quite a fair assessment as far as SC is concerned. The majority of footage shown here isn't in the game yet, and probably won't be for at least another year (best case). The Stanton system has a lot of beautiful spots on its own though. But yea, I dont think its fair to use places that aren't in the game to showcase variety.

  47. Low variance + few worlds > low variance + many worlds > high variance + few worlds this seems like a logical progression and most games now fall in the last two categories. Star Citizen is working towards high variance + many worlds but they have to prove they can do it.

  48. The most important thing will be if the worlds are filled with things to do.

    You can only look at a pretty picture for so long before you get bored. NMS has over the years slowly fleshed out the planets adding more and more things to do. Can't speak to ED but SC is currently large expanses of nothingness for you to transverse.

    It will be interesting to see what they fill that space with.

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