Best of PS4/PS5: Space Sim Games

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Welcome to a video where I explore some of the best space games available to play on PS4 and PS5

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a Warcraft II but in space?

  2. I really want to like No Man's Sky. I bought it recently on PS5. I love the look of it and appreciate how much work has gone in but it just feels aimless to me. Almost lonely. The story doesn't grip me so I don't really feel a reason to do anything or explore. I end up just getting bored after a while.

  3. star trek is pretty good. but the menu/ui font damn toooo small. tried no man's sky… too arcadey for my taste. elite dangerous is the best, but the developer too lazy.

  4. Hello, I have a question for anyone who may be able to help. I have been trying to find a game but I have only a few details on it and know it exists, but can't remember the name. It's a game set on alien planets. The character has an orange or red shirt. It's third person view. And you just explore and shoot aliens. It's on PS4 but I think it's a remaster from PC or PS3. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

  5. Great video mate!! as i watched, Rebel Galaxy outlaw was on sale and your recommendation was the push for me to take a punt and purchase it. All other mentions in this vid are great !! I too am looking forward to seeing how Everspace 2 fares. Cheers for the vid, great work : )

  6. Great video. Sadly the games out there I'm most interested in are PC games (Star Citizen & Eve)

  7. Worth noting that all console development has stopped for elite dangerous so no odyssey or any dlc will come to PlayStation. Real bummer

  8. Hey I'm late to the party I took a year break from ED came back to find out all updates are content updates are canceled. What's your thoughts? think this is permanent?

  9. I bought No Man Sky a few weeks after it released on Amazon for $25 brand new with their sale they had and played it for a little bit,maybe a few hours… Haven't played it since. That was on the original Glacier white PS4 I have but since I bought the game I bought the Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle Limited Edition Amazing Red console when it released back in 2018. So, I guess I will use my Pro and download the updates and see how it is now. Looks much better though from the little bit you showed.

  10. Elite dangerous is my favorite space game of all time , I was just so disappointed in frontier on their abandonment of elite on consoles , however if you never played it , I suggest you do , and don’t give up early as it takes a lot of time to learn all the controls of this game , but it’s worth every second , once you learn the game !

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