Best Client and Browser Online Space Games

Cyber Raccoon
Hi, whats up? My name is Adam, and you are on “Cyber raccoon” channel. Today I’m going to tell you about the best client and browser online games about space.
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0:00 INTRO
0:16 Star Conflict
0:46 Star Trek Online
1:32 EVE Online
2:18 Star Citizen
2:49 Entropia Universe
3:18 Elite Dangerous
3:48 Avorion
4:20 Dual Universe
4:50 Xterium
5:20 No Man’s Sky
6:06 Empyrion
6:51 Astro Lords
7:38 VEGA Conflict
8:08 Interstellar Rift
8:38 SPACERIFT: Arcanum System
9:09 DarkOrbit
9:40 Gangs of Space
10:28 Starfall Online
10:56 Star Trek: Alien Domain
11:26 Out of Space
12:12 Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2
12:58 Galaxy Trucker
13:43 Space God

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Games in this video: Star Conflict , Star Trek Online, EVE Online, Star Citizen, Entropia Universe , Elite Dangerous, Avorion, Dual Universe, Xterium , No Man’s Sky, Empyrion, Astro Lords, VEGA Conflict, Interstellar Rift, SPACERIFT: Arcanum System, DarkOrbit, Gangs of Space, Starfall Online, Star Trek: Alien Domain, Out of Space, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, Galaxy Trucker, Space God

Translated titles:
Los mejores juegos espaciales en línea para clientes y navegadores

Beste Client-und Browser-Online-Weltraumspiele

Meilleurs jeux d’espace en ligne client et navigateur

Melhores jogos espaciais online para clientes e navegadores

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  1. OGs will remember Battlestar Galactica Online

  2. could have been a good video, but thumbs down for the bad music and the continual "Cyber Raccoon" logo going across the screen.

  3. That Xterium ad at around 5:00 literally just uses EVE footage lol. But its not like you made an editing mistake, its just their actual ad is 100% stolen assets with their own name and logo added afterwards LOL.

  4. The video from Xterium is actually an eve online trailer.

  5. Always this obstrusive ''subscribe, like, view…'' it's just annoying. In good old times people shared videos to tell a story, to give a message. Nowadays when all is about money and getting attention rather than sharing a good information there is hardly any more to find a video without the nonstop annoying ''subscribe, like…'' pushing you, all is just about getting attention and money. You guys just suck! I generally NEVER subsscribe a video if the owner tries to push me.

  6. universe genesis (online space game, since 2008)

  7. Small mistake about Star Citizen. It's at version 3.12 not 3.4. And will be at 3.13 in a week 🙂

  8. Sad to hear that nothing new has come along in the past year.

  9. Just an advise, you should include more of Gameplay of each game in the video not to show us the advertisement video of the game; because most of people need to see if the game worth playing according to their gaming style or not

  10. hi thanx for video.Entropia Universe is not game….is slot machine.

  11. Starfall online no longer is playable, snowforged ent, disbanded.

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