Avorion Release – Space Games News March 2020

Avorion release, X4 Foundations new Beta – Space Games News March 2020.

Avorion is a single player, block ship-building space game, inspired by games like the x-series, offering the same level of freedom.

Avorion offers a co-op multiplayer mode.


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  1. Egosoft has been really quiet lately, when it comes to Split Vendetta. Last I heard was in December they were considering pushing 3.0 out early, like in January and Split Vendetta in February or March. I just wonder if we won't have been waiting all this time, since 3.0 and Split Vendetta were originally slated to be out by Christmas, only to get 3.0 soon while still having to wait for Split Vendetta.

    Overall, it would be nice to have an excellent 3.0 version and a polished DLC when it comes out, but it seems odd to me they are barely talking about the DLC…but I guess Rimworld had been talking about their 1.1 update for awhile, only to spring on a new expansion out of nowhere with it. But Egosoft went from promoting the DLC rather heavily, to being rather quite about it of late.

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