Amazing Things You can do For FREE Right Now In SPACE GAMES

Orbital flight, atmospheric re-entry, moon running, space mechanics and much more. All of these are activities which you can do in free space games right now, either from entirely free games or from demos. Here’s a look at each of those.

Moon Runner

Flight of Nova

Space Mechanic Simulator

Space Engine
Unfortunately, as the video was about to go live, the Free Version of Space Engine doesn’t appear to be available. I’m not sure how long that is the case. Sorry for the confusion. I will provide an update once I have more information.



  1. Death Stranding on the Moon – call it Moon Deathing (in typical Kojima fashion). Or Death Mooning 👍👍

  2. Great video. If you're interested, I'd like you to take a look at Oolite, the old school, original Elite game but with a makeover. 🙂

  3. Star citizen flight is SUPER arcadey. Pretty far away from the pitch Chris Roberts made.

  4. I remember researching Space Engine around last year, i found my way to the download of the free version on the official site. For some reason the link seemed broken or the game didn't run I forgot what happened, but anyway i just went on and bought the steam version. It's so worth it!

  5. Really wish Star Citizen would go Flight of Nova route, its so much better…. insane that its made by one person.

  6. Space Engine, the old versions, are free. The latest version is vastly upgraded, but you must pay for it. Sad, because a lot of youtube videos could use Space Engine (Paid) as very good B Roll. As the paid version has upgraded graphics

  7. Starsector is also "free" if you know a certain chaos god's youtube video on it.

  8. I tried Nova and honestly found it too fiddly… see, my warped way of thinking is this: If I have a ship capable of interplanetary travel, at the very least, it ought to be able to navigate and land without me having to interfere or assist. The space games I enjoy are those where the trivial action are (by default) handled for me. Make sense?

  9. thats why you channel is so impotant, i never saw any of thoose amazing games if was not for you, thanks keep doing it

  10. If you know the app ID of space engine it might still be gettable

  11. Please, if you do, NEVER feel bad about being bluntly, unapologetically honest about games… especially Elite: Dangerous. Frontier Developments have had EVERY opportunity to be openly transparent and honest with us about their game… it's the least we can do. xD

    We literally ask for the most basic of things, like a fucking roadmap, and the best they do is: Q1 – we'll do a thing/Q2 – we'll do another thing/Q3 – yup, another thing/Q4 – we'll do a thing, and last but not least/Q1 next year – we'll do a thing, but we won't tell you what it is… ever.

    It's beyond pathetic at this point.

    Look at Starship Troopers: Extermination that JUST came out. They've got a ROADMAP with actual information on it that ISN'T obscure and up to interpretation. It may not have dates, but at LEAST WE KNOW WHAT THE DEVELOPERS HAVE PLANNED for their game.

    That is literally all we want: to simply KNOW what the plan is for Elite. That's it. Is there a future? Is it gonna be dropped after the Thargoid stuff rolls out? Is this it? What is going on? Please tell us what your plan is. It's so fucking simple, but they just use the "we want to keep it a surprise for you guys" as an excuse to not disclose anything.

  12. A few months ago I tried to start the a prior, free version of space engine again. It wasn't possible as it just opened a message that space engine is not free anymore and where to buy it

  13. All four look like true passion projects.

  14. Man, if Flight of Nova also had ship systems like Rogue Systems, what an experience that would be. I don't think I would play anything else.

  15. Hey Obsidian got one for you a little indie title called Rings of Saturn, it's a top down mining simulator with Newtonian physics with it nearing the end of it's early access cycle, it's a blast of a game that is deeper then simple mining and can highly recommend it.

    It also has a free demo and when I played the Demo before I got the game the demo was the full game as the dev wanted people to donate money to Ukraine over paying for the game.

  16. Pioneer
    Basically Frontier: Elite II with improved graphics.

  17. Fly Dangerous is a free space racing game inspired by Elite Dangerous flying mechanics.

  18. What game is in the thumbnail to this video?

  19. Edit: My teacher was referring to a hole in the sky. In her defense there was a chicken little book in the classroom. 😀

    In kindergarden my teacher told us that rockets had to leave earth out of a hole. Later I asked why a book in my familys library didnt mention the hole and she said that authors often dont include all the facts because if they did the book would be too long.

    Another time she read us a book that had a moonbase that had people working at it. She said that was a real thing.

    Heres to hoping none of my classmates worked on Flight of Nova. 😀

  20. I just wanted to point out that yeah elite dangerous has a bit of an arcady approach but they also dont have planets with thick enough atmosperes in order to need the laws of physics that work on star of nova

  21. Space Mechanic Simulator in Vr would be so awesome!

  22. theres a free to play spac ship game: dreadnaught. its not up and running for long now, but its worth checking out. it had potetionel to be big. sadly never got. wish my laptop and connection could be running it again. loved it

  23. Next time it should go with a fat painting that detach upon overheat so the heat is detach entirely and prevent all the heat transfer destroying the rest of components…
    Just a though, can't even imagine the game would go that hard into engineering designing.

  24. While not free, you really should check out Space Reign @ObsidanAnt

  25. Great vid. That moon game looks splendifferous. I'll have to check it out.

  26. The MetaBaron

    1 day ago

    Really wish Star Citizen would go Flight of Nova route, its so much better…. insane that its made by one person.

    Yep i second that….but, StarCitizen cant even sort out the mess they have with the hundreds of people they have, would love to see them try putting Flight of Nova mechanics in there too.
    (wheres my popcorn!!)

  27. Latest version of Orbiter (2010 P1 or 2016(. They've been free since the 1st version came out. Both are free, with thousands of mods that are also free.

  28. Atmospheric re-entry is totally fine if it gets "arcaded". Simple reason is that we at this moment, in real life, mostly automate this procedure. So if a "pinnacle of human achievement" trained astronaut does not have to bother her or himself with it. Why bother with it in games ? It is a simple mechanical procedure, that only becomes "challenging" by inferior interfaces. Whenever you get all the info (which most developers do not offer in their games) re-entry is a simple "watch two numbers and correct slightly" kind of challenge, which is ultimately boring. In most cases the "challenge" of "realistic" re-entry mechanics is about "Yeah, that appears to look like the right angle…. i hope", which is an ultimately stupid guessing game.
    So being offered either "boring" or "stupid guessing game" i'll go with "arcaded" instead, each and every single time, thank you very much.

  29. How can anyone forget the glorious national treasure that is Moonbase Alpha lmao

  30. I had picked up Space Engine and it was completely unstable. I was trying to use it for a TTRPG and, every time I tried to save anything in Space Engine, it would hard crash and corrupt itself. I had to reinstall it. Tried it on my gaming rig and my gaming laptop and it was the same thing.

  31. I've been playing Space Engineers since it was released on console. Having a great time. Well worth the cost!

  32. I hear you complain about games and their illogical re-entry physics, however I think Space Engineers takes the crown here, for example:
    To orbit (or escape a planet’s gravity well) you simply fly straight up for about 5 minutes until you no longer have an altitude gauge.
    Similarly to re-enter simply burn towards the surface (or a preferred GPS marker, and any fine corrections can be done near the surface (no re-entry heating)

  33. Moon Runner looks interesting, looks like elements of Death's Stranding, No Man's Sky, and Osiris: New Dawn all thrown into one game.

  34. nope misleading video.. im reporting, loooool

  35. Thx for putting Space Mechanic Simulator on the list 🙂

  36. Excellent list. Definitely going to check some of these out.

  37. you've missed to mention eve online
    also, would help if you mention the platforms they're only available for

  38. Please dont forget your soul… This brief life on earth is not everything… Hare Krsna

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