ALL These Games Are Coming To Xbox In June 2024

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Somehow, June is just around the corner and with it comes the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 AND Call of Duty Black Ops 6 reveal, as well as new expansions and new GAMES. From Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree to Still Wakes The Deep, here’s why June 2024 has a lot to look forward to on Xbox.

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  1. Henry, beard trim is looking good man 👍

  2. Is Xbox On an official Microsoft Source or are you independent?

  3. Quake 6 Perfect Dark Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Forza Horizon 6 stuff im looking forward to

  4. So no good games , this was pathetic

  5. Black ops need to bring back blackout (battle royal). Warzone got played out after a few years but blackout was straight fire

  6. Oh sweet a black ops game were we can only play the worst mini game for free …so excited lol

  7. So sick of these foreign games that look like you have to be heavily into cosplay to even remotely enjoy ….where are the classic American franchises that cater to adults

  8. Please game pass stop with the games made for toddlers

  9. Looking forward to seeing more of
    Avowed and Indiana Jones from xbox side of the show cases

  10. Will they ever add all cods too gamepassc cuz they own Activision

  11. Watchers are fallen angels. That looks really good

  12. What is coming to game pass in June just asking but it's fine if you don't answer xbox on

  13. All of the stuff announced for june are not that great honestly. Kind of disappointing.

  14. fuq boring call of duty & american/western games. still almost absolute ZERO Japanese games on xbox that are the games i only care about & i dont mean wack sega games either…no Grand Blue Fantasy, no valkyrie games, no Project mugen/Zenless zone zero, no Silent hill 2 remake, no Stellar blade, no Rise of Ronin, none of the newer Final Fantasies, no Where winds meet, no Ballad of antara, none of the Platinum games, almost none of the square enix games, all the Kadokawa games, all the Koei Tecmo games, no 13 sentinels, no Neo: The world ends with you, no Ghenshin impact/tower of fantasy/honkai star rail, no octopath traveler 2, hell literally all of the many thousands of Japanese/Asian games skipping xbox & i want to play them all. even want to play that Astro Bot but i know that will probably never come over to xbox. so tired of this looks like the ship has sunken

  15. Silksong and outlaws, that's All I care about hearing about

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