All The Space Themed Games Shown At E3

E3 this year included some space games, and space themed games. Some of these were huge titles, and others from indie studios. All in all though, there were plenty of titles that will allow people to explore space and new worlds throughout 2021 and 2022

The list of space themed games can be found below.

00:39 – Sable
01:15 – Ixion
02:12 – Halo Infinite
02:44 – Avatar
03:24 – The Outer Worlds 2
04:01 – Starmancer
04:35 – Starfield
05:20 – Beyond Good and Evil 2 (No Show!)

Sable on Steam


Halo Infinite

Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora

The Outer Worlds 2



Beyond Good and Evil 2

Epidemic Sound

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  1. starfield or elite dengerous.. what will do a better space game?

  2. Why no talk about Falling Frontier? it won most anticipated game

  3. Bethesda is doing the same eye magic FDEV trailer thing, I swear.

  4. after the catastrophic failure of so many games trying to crowdfund their development, I say go to hell with "game-potential".

  5. Outer Worlds was probably the worst high-budget game I've played in the last 15 years.

  6. Some folks on here have complained about the lack of true space games. Well, that's because like flight simulators to create one in this day and age is a monumental task. Nothing is likely to get near Star Citizen for fidelity in the next 20 years at least as that game has had a number of unique factors to bringing it into existence. Starfield does look somewhat interesting and with story-focused gameplay, it could be quite entertaining – Mass Effect clone? – but true open-world space games are really rare.

  7. Anyone here in the comments ever wish they were born like 1000 years from now instead so we can actually see the things we love?

  8. You should check Quantumworks and Their project quantum . Aaa title made in unreal 5 team up with one pixel brush . They just released their concept art on their discord channel .

  9. So what do we know about Starfield?
    Nothing. The same that we knew this time last year.

  10. I'm not really a gamer so to speak . I play Elite . That's it . Is this anything like it ? Or as good ?

  11. If starfield is good it may replace elite as my go to space game. Though given all the game developers going to crap during the past few year and releasing half assed messes, I don’t expect anything good.

  12. Falling frontier is the one I'm waiting for!!

  13. E3: Look as all these games were you explore new planets and space and experience the wonder of it all
    No Mans Sky: OMG have you NOT been looking at all the work we've been doing!?

  14. You missed off Starbase (a no show), which is expected to go into early access end of July.

  15. I'll be honest…the "modern" sci-fi ship games aren't doing it for me. I'd like to see someone go way off the radar and do a grungy 90's sci-fi game. No neon screens, tablets, etc. How about the Sulaco from ALIEN? I want grime, crunchy buttons, vague radar screens, etc. Make it a proper sim. No random HUD following you around. Imagine the tenseness of having a small dirt-smeared radar screen that simply shows a blip in a certain direction. Actually having to manually input directions, codes, etc. Even include the mainframe computer from ALIEN (of a sort), responding only to text inquiries, etc. I think a less-is-more angle would make a hell of a space ship sim. For the full-sim folks, having no external views (optional) and limiting interior vision to crappy or fuzzy camera feeds, etc. Would be a hell of a thing…

  16. From Starfield, we only saw a cutscene. No gameplay shown for E3, 1 year from release.

  17. Mmm, where is metroid? Or Homeworld?

  18. Starfield got my eye, the trailer looks cool, BUT the trailers always look cool about the games, wonder what game play is like, i was always hoping more games like SC come out, we got to many games like eve, all just shipped base, not a whole lot on character then to ship then into galaxy, the game makers got hart thou there trying, i couldn't do it, all that code, matrix view, cool bro, have a good one,- peace

  19. I know not to waste my money on outer worlds 2, I thought the first game was trash. I want nothing to do with starfield, with everything fallout studio…has become. SKIP. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a scam, will never release. Nothing worth seeing here.

  20. Halo infinite: Master Chief copes with his abandonment issues

  21. Getting heavy Moebius vibes from Sable

  22. BTW, Starsector got updated some months back, ever so slowly closing in on completion. It now has some expanded story arcs, that are quite enjoyable and a redesigned skill-system.

  23. so, it would be safe to say that none of the starfield footage will represent any of the actual appearance of the game? but instead "it will just work"?

  24. from good ones there is Homeworld 3 coming, apart from that there is a very tiny list of quality space games that is out thare compared to years 90s-2005, imao Stellaris been out for 5 ears still best rts after Homeworld

  25. How did I miss BG&E gameplay??? This is the first time I actually saw it. Only ever saw the trailers which are back from the start of the previous generation – lolololol

  26. I think sable is an homage to the French cartoonist Moebius.
    check google…. the art style looks like his own work … Nice homage !!

  27. Sable looks like a Moebius (Jean Giraud) comic!

  28. I completely forgot about Beyond Good and Evil. I hope something happens with that game.

  29. do you have to do that at the end of every sentence? it's like up-speaking but drawn out.

  30. The first game gave me strong Moebius vibes!

  31. beyond good and evil 2… a no-show, but then still a segment in a video titled "All space themed games SHOWN at E3" … you sir just failed your exam.

  32. Ubisoft,Bunjie Bethesda, EA games yah we know what to expect PRIDE AND ACOMPLISHMENT in form of loseboxes & iligal underage gambling casinos with game themes (like going to las Vegas Vienna themed casino but here is halo,avatar etc themed), broken/buggy/unfinished games with downgraded graphics from what we see at E3 and LOTS OF EXCUSES AND SORRY WE LEARN FROM YOUR FEEDBACK ah almost forgot THE LIVE SERVICE MODE XD yah no thank you not exited at all

  33. What don't these dev teams get about not doing strictly cinematic announcement trailers? It's like every time they are saying, "Hey we've got a really good idea for a game, and have made no discernable progress in terms of gameplay, but hey look at this shiny cinematic our art department put together in a week!"

  34. What to expect from Ubisoft re Avatar is clunky animal handling that feels like a camera without momentum as in the last few releases by them. They made it clear last year they believe Single Player games are dead and Microtransactions rule! Buying any Ubisoft game with micro transactions reinforces this view of theirs.

  35. Ixion is like the Expanse where the mormons finally start their big journey.

  36. Sable looks a lot like Moebius' artwork

  37. Elite dangerous is erghh… No longer the most …mmmghggg…

  38. and now that's Starmancer, Ixion, and Sable added to my wish list
    hey why didn't you mention Falling Frontier, I thought that earned an award or something at E3, actually surprised how many radars that game is on

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