Alien Invasion Gameplay – RPG Idle Space – Multicast Games – Review – First Impressions

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Hey guys welcome to another gameplay review video. Today I am playing Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space by MULTICAST GAMES. Enjoy!

Do you like survival rpg adventure games or maybe fun idle role playing games? Our app Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space is a cool mix of different genres. If you are bored at work or at home – just download our alien survival game and enjoy the amazing gameplay. Feel like an alien, discover evolution and destroy all humans!

It’s an alien invasion in 2042 and they start eating everything and everyone. No one can stop the fear monster that looks like a big spider. It’s an undead alina on empty land! Play this roleplay game anywhere, anytime, and most importantly – for free. This offline game is about the growth and evolution of a spider if we can call this alien a spider or a xenomorph. They are ancient aliens who always want to eat and never spare anyone.

Be an alien invincible from fear, try solo leveling, absorb poor humans and take their DNA for your idle evolution and reproduction game, destroy all humans on spaceship in idle space.

A long time ago, a genre called idle rpg was born. Surprisingly, many people liked this genre, and in 2013-2014. this genre has reached its peak. Almost everyone downloaded idle games and played them for 24 hours, making it a non-stop game. Time passes, and the genre is still relevant. Welcome to the club – download our Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space.

Fantasy RPG and Idles Alien Invasion Survival:
– No online game.
– Eat, multiply, don’t die and be an idle master!
– Let Aline evolve and improve her skills in the fight for life.
– Absorb new intelligent species and create your own army of aliens.
– Feel like an alien invader and supervillain!
– Don’t leave a chance to the survivors.
– Create a prototype horror from hell.
– Destroy them and eat everything in our idle world.

New RPG offline survival games are really interesting, but not all. Our game belongs to the genre of idle survival games, but it also belongs to RPG games and is a cool survival game. We can also say that our app is about an idle clicker or tapping game. Only instead of clicking you have to eat people while moving our fear.

Our main character is similar to a spider or a xenomorph from famous movies, but it is an ordinary aline that wants to eat and destroy all people. Try this idle adventure and hunt everything around you. Have you heard of dead space? Our survival game is just as awesome! But maybe a little less. You don’t have to run from monsters and shoot back, you are a big alien spider and everything is in your hands… uh, tentacles.

Play Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space for free without wifi and enjoy the conquest!

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  1. The events are a huge scam, do not spend money on them as the leaderboard is a bunch of bots and if you put your phone on airplane mode and change your system time you will see your rank get lower and lower the more days that pass by when you do it.

  2. Just downloaded this game, I like the concept so far.

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