ADLEY’S SLiME SHOP!! and Adley is the BOSS! Making a play pretend craft store with Alli Niko & Dad

A for Adley – Learning & Fun
we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! get your slime


HEY EVERYBODY!! WELCOME to ADLEY’S SUPER SILLY SLIME SHOP! Today I am the boss of my very own slime store! First things first… I have to make today’s open sign so I can start getting customers! As I was hanging up the open sign, somebody walked into my store! His name was Niko but he loved cookies so much that we all just call him cookies 🍪 He said that he wanted a job so that he can make some money to buy MORE cookies! So I asked him some questions but then he was hired! Then my friend Alli wanted a job, so I hired her too! Then some guy, who ended up being my DAD, wanted a job so I hired him TOO! So now we have the perfect slime making team.. it’s time to make some DIY slime! It was their first time making slime so I had to teach everybody how it’s done. I made a colorful unicorn slime with pink, blue, purple, and LOTS of glitter. Dad made a super fancy slime with gold glue and shiny gold glitter.. it looks like pirate treasure! Niko made a cool blue slime that looked like a diamond Minecraft block! Alli made some pretty pink slime that we called “Pinky”! All of our slimes turned out REALLY good.. but we had some trouble along the way… Dad got sprayed in the face with whipped cream, Niko got his hands stuck in the slime, and Alli almost started eating slime on accident! Just as we finished with our slime arts and crafts, our first CUSTOMER walked in! Her name was Navey and she was sooo cute!! She brought $5 which was JUST enough to buy Niko’s Minecraft slime! And now it’s time to close up our slime store.. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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