A New Survival Space Adventure Game – Out There: Oceans of Time

Surviving space, embarking on planetary expeditions, and exploring the galaxy where civilizations across the systems have been enslaved. Thanks to Out There: Oceans of Time for sponsoring this video, check it out here: It’s a space exploration game that puts us at the helm of an interstellar mission of discovery. There’s quite a bit to this, from harvesting resources from planets, to maintaining and upgrading our ship, to meeting and recruiting bizarre sentient creatures. A ship is nothing without its crew, and both the vast array of vessels and characters provide countless choices. You’ll never know where this branching narrative will go or what locations and events will befall us, so today I will be bringing you on a space adventure. But first, the intro give me an opportunity to practice my voice acting… ahem. So let us begin.

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0:00 | Epic Introduction
3:45 | Out There: Oceans of Time Gameplay

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  1. just love the new intros and your voice acting. Game is pretty cool as well

  2. Ah… Another Sci-Fi setting to immerse myself in. Why yes, of course!

  3. Thanks, I didn’t know about this game and you catched my attention. It looks interesting, I’ll check it out. We saw a galaxy map at the beginning with a lot of systems, I wonder how deep is this game.

  4. The introduction already annoys me. I’m not a fan of the “10,000+ years in Earth’s future” plot excuse, especially when it’s so far out that the fact they’re from Earth becomes completely meaningless. Like, just make your own universe with humans and aliens and god cubes and stuff. Why do they have to be humans FROM EARTH?

  5. So do you have to play as Nyx? Is that mandatory or is there a way to change the character.

    Besides that this actually seems very interesting.

  6. Is this game related to Out There: Omega? The names are really similar

  7. The fact that you extract Fe and Si by themselves instead of FeO or SiO, or FeC SiC, is disappointing,

  8. damn, that game seems incredibly good !

  9. Holy shit. They upgraded the game? Or made a sequel? 🤔

  10. I don't understand the game aspect of the scanning mini game. What are the trade offs?

  11. I played the original on android called just Out There and its expansion, Out There Omega Edition, and it was truly love hate relationship. I love the setting, the sense of adventure, but truly hate the extreme randomness. FTL randomness is docile compared to Out There, heck, I even finished FTL but never find the end of Out There. Didn't know it had a Steam sequel though, so I will check this one out.

  12. I've watched a couple videos and it looks interesting, but I read a few reviews which suggest it might be a bit pants so I'll wait and see. Maybe pick it up on sale.

  13. I don't know why you don't just get modules while looting other ship. You have distroyed one that you made again with resources. That doesn;t make any sense. You also could have bought module that increases crew capacity +1 and comfort and recruited another crew member on the alien planet. This gameplay is weak. I don't like it.

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