A Major (And Important) Step For Space Games – Star Citizen 4.0

Star Citizen 4.0 could very well be one of the most important steps for the space game genre for years. Of course, there’s no way to tell for sure until CIG release it – however there’s a number of reasons that it could well achieve things that no other space game yet has.

The Star Citizen 4.0 Pyro Mission can be seen here:

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  1. I still looking for space game for my, No man sky is not for my, i em tired of Elite (And they cancel it on consoles), star citizen is a scam. I think i must wait for new releses.

  2. I wonder if object permanence is that important for a gamer to have fun.
    Do I really need to drop some stuff and come back days later? They have to do some clean up anyways otherwise a pile of objects will just bring the connection down.
    I'm not sure that this is the way to go and a good reason to delay the game for so long. I get that this is basic stuff, you do it now or never. I would rather go for never and release a fun game.

  3. Games for many of us = third person single player long storydriven adventures and RPGs with realistic believable next gen visuals, cutscenes, quicktime events and str8 romances and perfect animations and eivornment interaction animations Not only sme stupid jump) never first person shooters and multiplayer we have it much more than we need and we can't hear any more about first person, we'll ignore – boycott all first person shooters and rpg from 2022 and multiplayer – to allow that our precious free time depends on others patience knowledge and their free time n e v e r

  4. This game is the poster child for feature creep. I backed it for single player years ago and have literally almost completely lost interest. Maybe when I get the message about it hitting 1.0 in 2065 I will check it out. As it stands now, I just kinda don't care anymore.

  5. Glad to see a positive video of star citizen from you, finally.

  6. It's not really a space game though, it's more of a tech demo scam. No doubt half the content that some rube has paid a ridiculous amount of money for will end up in Starfield for free

  7. Impressive to look at, but to give it depth beyond a couple of planets looks like it will take an eternity. This will never be a good game

  8. I think it would make sense if access to planets would be via a lokal space station and an attached ‘space elevevator’ og the need to change to something like a shuttle. Having your interplanatary spaceship land is not really optimal.

  9. id like to play this, but honestly, im not playing an alpha game. the bugs would make me go crazy. Ill keep paying attention though.

  10. Star Citizen does not offer anything new over games that have since surpassed what they were originally going for in Star Citizen. For example, Elite Dangerous has pretty much the same features. I played Star Citizen for 6 hours or so and ended up going back to Elite Dangerous, a game that came out nearly 10 years ago now, because it's so much better. Sure, there's some honeymoon period with Star Citizen, but once it wears off and you realize how significant the bugs impact the economy, gameplay experience, and personal experience, you realize that other games do it better.

  11. Unashamedly putting forth my SMALL channel for your viewing Star Citizen pleasure.

  12. 8:15
    4.0 requires a lot of changes to pretty fundamental teck, and we expect a lot of pretty serious bugs…

  13. Do they plan on make any gameplay and real content? I don't care if they add a dozen star systems. If the planets contain nothing of interest to occupy my time they still can't call this project a game.

  14. More like a black hole ⚫️ for your wallet. This game more predatory than mobile game's.

  15. Star citizen…. a game if it ever comes out ; will change everything. Unless they wait to long and something else beats them too it.

  16. I think that Starfield is taking best and smartest approach here:
    You can only land on specific landing spots on a planet. A place of interest… Why generate whole planet full of nothing ?
    I populated planets its a city, on other planets its some interesting place.
    Further on – there is no atmospheric flight. You are either landed or in space. Because that transition is huge waste of resources, and for what? Something you find cool 2-3 times and after its just something that happens in between landings. Why not have it just as animated sequence?

  17. Game is a scam…whass 3 year's of delay only for 4.0…

  18. the game is fantastic, the walk is very slow and they are being renovated just because the owner doesn't want to make it take even longer, when they launch 100% of those in it they will play only after 60 years of age and they may not launch to change what the owner of the game doesn't want and redo it again, the game is fantastic but whoever is behind it developing is just getting in the way of the project…….

  19. even most games that dont deal in space have a hard time making realisitc planets and maps so ya its a project

  20. Star citizen is trying something that the tech is not ready for yet… A smarter movie would have been to start with one very detailed planet with diferent environments. And sell it as a finnished game and slowly with dlc expanded the game. But the biggest problem it has must be the demanding gfx and tech. My pc would never be able to handle star citizen. And i bet tjis true for most gamers.

  21. i cant stop laughing at the delusion in these videos…guess you guys still have to justify the money you sank into that dumpsterfire

  22. I think the thing that misses in star citizen is aliens or animals on the planets

  23. Biggest money swindle in gaming history.

  24. "It's still lacking content, runs poorly, and is full of bugs" sums this game up, the update going to fix this? or add more broken ships and planets and no endgame of substance?

  25. Still runs like hot garbage. Not touching it until they have spent at least a year optimising the performance.

  26. We do actually know how Starfield is implementing its planets. They use the same type of generation for terrain which they already used for their other games and basically give you infinite flat terrain. You can't land manually there but select a spot and land in a cutscene of some sort. Todd Howard revealed that in his IGN interview.

  27. Long Story short: I’m waiting now for 8 years, spent 4000+ Bucks on the Project. The game is not finished but playable if you own a decent PC. Its worth a Starterpack and maybe 1-2 Upgrades after you played for the first few hours but that’s really it. Don’t spent more. Definitely don’t spend more cash. Based on the features missing it seems like it’s still gonna take 5-8 Years or even more. If I knew I would wait 15+ years I wouldn’t have spent a single buck.

  28. Been here for name changes , elite dangerous! It’s a ride and it’s beautiful to watch

  29. SCAM citizen !!!! 10 years and 450million later and its in Alpha or beta now? Yess I'ma troll ty vm

  30. Funny how the best games are the ones not released. This tech demo cannot be compared to games like Elite and No Man's Sky until it has gone through the baptism of fire that is release. Doing so is disrespectful to development teams that have actually made a game. This project makes far to much money from dreamers and the gullible to ever come out.

  31. They need to make it so we can build our own bases on any planet, above or below ground, and create our own space stations

  32. I agree space games need to step it up and get be better

  33. Lets talk about what we actually have and less dreaming of what we could get. Maybe let them hit one thing they say as they say it when they say it, and then maybe ill actually care for the game. Ur talking alot about flaws on other games souns like u have rose tinted glasses on with star citizens. Delays on delays part of the game promised, still not out, shitty performanc ugs glitches falling through the map quest lines failing bla bla etc its nice to dream but the star citizens seems to just dream. But guys its time to wake up and stop simping for a game. Or developers

  34. I have pledged this game about a year ago, I had a pretty low end pc, I have recently built a new PC and the game runs like a dream, I have been playing with some friends while I play, and it has been a blast.
    To anyone who own the game who hasnt played in a while, please give it another shot, it will be worth it.

  35. Star Citizen seriously needs to be moddable: Only a dedicated global community will be able to fill out the needed variety of detailed locations with a mosaic of location / model MODs for the rest of us to explore

  36. If I could choose a metaverse to live in, it would be Star Citizen.

  37. "Literally everything is in space, Morty.." 😀

  38. Wish you wouldn't have to mandatorily.pledge to keep star citizen on pc i remember playing it and couldn't believe anything I was amazed what it looks like now makes me want it even more will squadron 42 ever get a release date and how does dual universe compare

  39. I find the versioning funny – 4.0 – considering it's still alpha…

  40. CIG hasn’t pushed anything forward. You need to release a game before being given credit for innovation. What CIG is known for is fleecing customers for over a decade. They’re known for not meeting promised deadlines. They’re known for charging high prices for every item in game. Like it or not, CIG is a joke when it comes to game development.

  41. Heard rumours that 4.0 is referenced inside CIG as "Beta".

  42. Speaking of planet generating … As much as i would love to just like what i see in SC, the actual planet distant surfaces often look like repetitive screen in many cases… it is visual basic i'm not willing to keep forgiving now for many years already, they suppose to be good at it and so it seems the distant planet surfaces look much batter in ED. Sure it can have it's technical reasons related to other vip, but then at least i would like to know it will be improved

  43. I thought this game was overambitious when first hearing about it. I still think that. But unlike other such games where I don't care because I'm not buying the game, I actually want Star Citizen to succeed, I REALLY want Star Citizen to succeed even if it takes fifteen years from now.

  44. Star Citizen looks good but last time I checked it was still beta. Also I am not big into MMORPG's; especially open world pvp. I much prefer single player because a lot of times other players have a way of taking me out of immersion with their actions. That is why I am hoping that Starfield will be to single players what Star Citizen is to multi players.

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