A love letter to Kerbal Space Program

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Kerbal Space Program 2 is now less than a week away – so it was now or never to finally make this video. So I did.

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Gameplay recorded on PC | Audio recorded using a Rode NT-USB



  1. As someone who’s never played Kerbal Space Program or had a son, I must say I found this video strangely relatable

  2. I remember when Mark sent one of those green people to the mun. (yes, I still remember the spelling)

  3. I guarantee this video will not be a failure, would not be surprised if it actually blew up, people love to have their opinion validated.

  4. For me personally, I'm going to avoid KSP 2. Besides, why change from perfection?
    If you're asking why avoid it? It's because of Take-two and what they did to the original dev team, fuck 'em along with EA and Ubisoft

  5. 3… 2… 1… Liftoff! A wonderful silly space game. I'm quite excited to see humans return to the moon, hopefully the lifecycle of NASA's Artemis program is a success.

  6. I own KSP, I played about with it for a while, but my brain couldn't cope with it. I've always enjoyed watching things about it, and it's incredible what people have been able to do with it.

  7. Do it man please do a series on games you want to play with your son !
    that would be interesting

  8. I've never played Kerbal space program, but I still look at it and love it, it's creative, it's vast, and it's got charm.

  9. Time played ≠ how much a game means to you.
    Some games that I treasure for the sheer impact they had on me often have less than 10 hours of playtime.
    Don't listen to anyone who tells you that your ~200 hours of KSP isn't very much.

  10. I only got into KSP1 maybe a year ago. It feels sorta like the Skyrim of space exploration sims. It is a good game especially when modded with Outer Planets Mod or Real Solar System (and appropriate additional mods to adjust stuff like fuel for those two mods…). The only thing I could've asked for is a basic "spawn vessels elsewhere" mod that works & is without extreme additional baggage like production chains.

  11. Been on gaming YT since 2014 so I've seen Elder Geek (GOD! I'm old).
    His "videos for son" videos are special.

  12. This is the best part of YouTube. I've never even heard of this game and I don't know if it's a game I'd enjoy (but I'll definitely check it out) but just hearing your enthusiasm/love for it made for a truly amazing video. Thanks for making this and I think genuinely enthusiasm will always be what draws me to your videos.

  13. I can verify as what you might deem a usual viewer i do find this interesting. Maybe not everyone else. I'm here for you above all else, there might be the odd video i skip due to the game being not my cup of tea.

    Make videos about what you want to make, always and forever. If the passion and love for the video is there the viewers will follow. I rank you up there with Sseth and Mandalore.

    I hope your son loves what you love. I hope you spend hours sharing a passion for something i cherish the very few memories with my father building Lego with me. I wish i had more experiences like that with my father but i don't.
    Good luck, i hope you and your son have many more than i did.

  14. It was really heartwarming to see this video, that game has a special place for me and seeing that others share that feeling, makes me feel, good, thank you

  15. Though I'm not particularly interested in this game, my brother got it a little over a year ago and LOVES it. I wouldn't be surprised if he said it was his favorite game. Also, I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to share particular games with kids, and maybe your son will ask to see things like this. I got into RTS games because my dad would play one and I would ask him to put it on the TV and pester him with questions about the giant tanks and volcano shaped power generators. Maybe your son will do similar.

  16. I hope you and your kid are content no matter what road either of you go down

  17. never heard about this game, might give it a look after your video, which is great btw 🙂

  18. I can understand a game that you really love no matter what. I love KSP and here hoping ksp2 doesn't suck

  19. Never apologize for making content you are passionate about. This hits home for me. I have 2 young sons and a passion for space. Honestly, when you said hello to your say I 😢’d. Your video was inspiring.

  20. Beautiful video mate. And thank you for making it. After recently becoming a Dad to 2 girls, I would love to have a similar experience with them one day. Thanks again for the thought provoking video!

  21. Since you have a love for space development and rocketry, I might suggest the anime Planetes, since it's a must watch for those who like those topics and find certain beauty in space

  22. 4:07 = Well, you've got 35,000 subscribers on this site and I have 3, so I shall defer to your wisdom on how many people will watch this video and how it'll affect your analytics – but I hope that you're mistaken. Surely I can't be the only one who gets excited when someone I like posts a short but heartfelt love-letter to an old game! And if you are right, well, I wish your next video the great success that this one clearly deserves.

  23. I just wanted to watch a video about a game, but I got hit in the feels by a dad… 🥲

  24. Absolutely new to this channel, but this was a great video. Really glad I happened upon it.

  25. 3:54 Even though I've never played Kerbal Space Program, that line right there has made this one of my favorite videos you've ever produced.

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