8 Scary Horror Games set in Outer Space

Space is a terrifying place, an endless void of that we humans can barely comprehend. It is a dark, cold place of total isolation and the perfect setting for the horror genre. In this video we look at a selection of the creepiest and scariest horror games set in space. These creepy space themed horror videogames are sure to give you a scare… so watch on if you dare.

The games in today’s rundown were:

System Shock, Martian Gothic Unification, Dead Space, Stasis, Prey, Echonight Beyond, Doom 3 and Alien Isolation.

You’ve been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at 8 scary videogames set in Outer Space. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.

Music by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Great Content Bro. Keep Up The Good Work

  2. Imagine a horror game where your In space and the game tells you that there is a scary space monster in the station and all of your companions die because of the “monster” but as it would turn out there is no monster and space was just too much for your companions and they decided to kill themselves. You are the only one on the space station left. No one can hear your screams for help. You are destined to die in space. Reality is cruel.

  3. Bruh this list has two of my all time fav games

  4. My only question is how does he find all these games?

  5. The very idea of the Trimorph from Martian Gothic Unification Point is truly horrifying. Being forcefully fused together into an ALIEN ABOMINATION FROM HELL makes my skin crawl.O_O

  6. We want Prey 2. And nah, I'm not referring to the sequel to the Prey reboot. I mean the TRUE Prey 2. The one which was cancelled.

  7. You know, before the Doom 2016 reboot, a sequel was supposed to be released, Doom 4. Unfortunately, that was cancelled. It differed vastly from the series roots, but I wouldn't have minded to try it. Hope they'll revive it one day.

  8. I have alien isolation and i got to the bit where axel dies
    I was scared to death

  9. you should do a list of video games that touch on trauma and madness. Like Fran Bow, Hellblade and maybe Bloodborne if you agree with me

  10. MGU is underrated and should be talked about much more

  11. all these damn games have the same premise, still dope

  12. The Typhon are deadly,cunning but evil.Darn you,Sneaky Typhons/Poor people there.

  13. I love Alien Isolation. Mostly cause I'm a nerd for the movie

  14. Well there’s something that makes Prey scarier: the fact that we need to destroy Talos 1 and kill everyone there, including ourselves, so yeah, no survivors

  15. There's a game I've been looking for but can't remember the name of it.

    It's a gamr where you control robots you can command them thru the bash/terminal or you can control then direcrly. And the further you get to the game the more bots or drones you control, you can even fins broken drones in the space station and repair them, you can kill aliens by locking them and releasing them to space its very strategic.

    It's a top down view with 3d graphics, anyone know what it os

  16. You put so much work into your videos and I can't believe you don't get as many views as you deserve!!!

  17. I liked to see you make a list about horror games set in water.

  18. 6:56 basically.. a more deadlier version of prophunt, but with no other players, its just you and the mimics who are the props

  19. I remember the first time I played Dead Space & Doom 3 I really didn't get scared because I grew up watching horror movies like alien and Nightmare on Elm Street

  20. Am I the only one who thinks doom guy would clean up all of the messes in these games

  21. I'd like to see "Event Horizon" made into a video game…
    Maybe Pandorum also

  22. Is the Ishimura a ship or a station? I thought it was a ship because it’s a “Planetcracker”, so it pretty much drills into planets and tows rocks and such around for resources.

  23. No one can beat Dead Space and Doom 👌👌👌

  24. I've owned Alien Isolation since launch day, and still do on three platforms. I can't bring myself to get past the first 1/3 of the game. Too much anxiety.

  25. I know Doom 64 isn’t scary but the music made the sense on loneliness and eerie being in space ..

  26. I love the game alien isolation it gets your heart racing and the graphics are awesome and I love the xenomorph design and etc.

    Also alien isolation is my top favorite game

    I wish there was the mode where you can play as the xenomorph in alien isolation

    Who Loves the game alien isolation as much as i do?

    Also drop a like

  27. I would add Subnautica. Leviathans are terrifing.

  28. If Prey isn't in this, i will scream in place i cant scream

  29. im commenting before i watched the video but i swear if the game called PREY is not on here im gonna be disappointed

  30. Typhon are shape shifting space parasites that will take on other forms in order to ambush you and kill you.(side note) The GLOO cannon is my favorite weapon in prey its just so much fun

  31. Thanks to alien: Isolation I have a few more grey hair. This game was nervewrecking. Not because of some cheap jumpscares or anything. But the constant danger of being too noisy and attrack the alien .. or sneak carefully around just to sneak directly into his loving arms…. especially when you have not found a savepoint for 30 minutes or longer.. I loved that game. And the artwork .. cudos for the developers of the artwork!

  32. Subnautica should be here, only game that truly terrified me

  33. if they can keep the late 2022 release. it will have been 9 years since the last dead space game. but it would also mean 14 years of the first dead space game… 14 years…

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