5 Game Worlds BIGGER Than Planet Earth

Today we wanted to talk about some of the biggest video game worlds with games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. This is beyond Skyrim and GTA, folks.
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  1. As soon as I clicked I knew one had to be Minecraft

  2. Plot twist: these universe games are stored on what amounts to just a computer.

  3. Minecraft is so low. It s like you were borne today with this game and never seen another. So low.

  4. No. 1 Eve Online
    What eve online?

    What players think: pew pew, boom boom, pew pew, whoa titan looks cool, let’s sucking some rocks
    What ccp think: another war, another Million $ 😂

  5. You forgot space engine, even though its a game engine its still insane, with generated and real planets. You can go anywhere in the observable universe and you can experience the surface of planets with almost 1:1 scale.

  6. No Man's Sky is the largest of them, by far. Infinitely large.

  7. Well, this wasn't what I expected; I expected games with worlds(maps) bigger than Earth, but expectations is in the mind of the beholder, so that's on me.
    Of course space games of these natures are or rather should be bigger than Earth! Space is huge. Eve seems super-cool, but also probably a huge time sink I just can't see myself doing.

  8. I own elite dangerous, eve online and no mans land but i never succeed past level one, i tried many times but still stuck, so i just leave it since then

  9. I've played no mans sky for 7 YEARS and not found home yet

  10. No mans sky having quintillions of planets is crazy for just a game

  11. What game is the one in the video image?

  12. If you put all of Ark Survival Evolved's maps both official and unofficial lined them up flat the landscape would be bigger than all mentioned in this vid.

  13. No mans sky is way better than star citizen lol, also eve online is so bad, you cant even land your ship LOL.

  14. Bro no mans sky is the biggest map of the all times 😂

  15. Sorry but EVE online doesn't come close to the size of Elite Dangerous' "map"
    The community still hasn't explored 1% of Elite dangerous

  16. No man's sky needs a few updates beyond where it's at now but it's a damn good game they need to add capitol cities reflecting each faction the game is fun but at this point I'm maxing everything out and doing missions from the anomaly I got super lucky and found a squid ship early in the game and was also fortunate enough to find a planet with not only storm crystals friggin everywhere but also orbs which I dont even bother with because sentinels make GTA cops look like child's play 😹😹😹😹

  17. Star Citizen is what you get when nobody tells Chris Roberts "NO"
    At least George Lucas got told "NO" when it was appropriate to do so.

  18. Minecraft is only non-futuristic game in the whole lisit bruh😂😂😂

  19. So basically there's only one. Minecraft. The others arent planets, they're systems. Minecraft is the only open "world" larger than earth.

    Guess that would have been a much quicker video tho and not nearly as much time to shove a commercial in there

  20. No man sky 125hrs still no planet to call home…

  21. This guy saying star citizen is bigger then no man sky, thats crazy, NMS has 128 GALAXIES with billions of billions of billions of billions of solar systems, there are more planets then gallons of water in out oceans.

  22. 0:45 how the heck did I manage to literally see that this is darth maul while I never saw the back of the official minecraft skin for him

  23. Bro I Have They Make V.R For Eve Online

  24. I mean like the game spore has galaxy in it and the map bigger then earth tho… But the game was in 2009 so idk if the game is really count as a open world cuz you do have a main goal tho to reach the center of the galaxy…

  25. This is how I found no mans sky. Its one of my favourite games now.

  26. I really wish I could figure out how to play elite dangerous. Granted I’ve only played it for an hour…really intimidating

  27. Well, loving NMS, and hoping to keep watching it grow

  28. No man’s sky has done it’s job. Atleast for 98% of the way

  29. NMS is by far the biggest I believe. It has a starting galaxy that hasn't even been a quarter-way fully explored by players for 7 years now. And to add to that, there's over 255 galaxies of similar size in that game. It's absolutely unreal and my mind was blown the first time I learned about it. It really makes you wonder if reality is just a procedurally-generated simulation when a game from 7 years ago could have a universe that expansive.

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