5 Game Worlds BIGGER Than Planet Earth

Today we wanted to talk about some of the biggest video game worlds with games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. This is beyond Skyrim and GTA, folks.
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  1. Technically, Megaton Rainfall should be on the list, because while it's empty, it's infinite.

  2. worth mentioning Eve: it is so complex, that you´re not actually playing it. You give orders.
    And then you whatch the beautifull grafics while they´re executed.
    that is, if you´re not busy searching through the next spreadsheet

  3. Is anyone even gonna talk about Dyson Sphere program?

  4. Damn. I still remember when I play Snake game in Nokia phone and then realize this video is 3 years old. Decades from now, these games will be more than just games. It will be fabricated realities. I hope we can have the VR gear like SAO.

  5. This is so easy to see now , definitely flat and spread out , space is outward not upward .

  6. If Beyond Good and Evil 2 ever comes out, it might belong on this list.

  7. u know first i didnt like gameranks because they liked talking about old games

  8. POV :- me thinking Minecraft has the biggest map…

    Me Now :- Ayo Da Fu-

  9. mind blowing realisation all of this is on earth so is it realy bigger than earth or bigger than our imagination

  10. I see a lot of people in this comment section longing for the same kind of game I've been wanting to come for a loooongggg time. A game with a vast world where you can live any type of life. A game where you can go to work a job if you want whether it be a doctor, detective, a street cop, a criminal if you desire that, or even a retail store worker, a game world where you can go do recreational activities if you want, a game where you can fight if you want with a countless amount of weapons and combat skills you can choose from where you're also not locked to a certain build, a game for those wanting in depth romance options with vast, if not unlimited, characters, a game where you can go through various kinds of random procedurally generated encounters, a game in which unlimited possibilities are available for you. I wish someone actually comes through for us with something like this.

  11. I think 60 million for minecraft is only for the java edition, ive tried it on bedrock and the world border doesnt seem to exist😅

  12. Star citizen only has 1 star system, no mans sky is a bigger game and should’ve been listed after Star citizen

  13. No mans sky CHEATS it has 18 quintillion possible planets and CHEATS

  14. I don't like No Man's Sky's planets , I understand they're different but its just wildlife and some scattered about ruins

  15. The fuel rats have saved me, now I am one of them

  16. New one? Exo one I would it's a universal game

  17. Star Wars Outlaws looks like it might be the same

  18. I just noticed the problem that in those games you're the only player….and if not, there is a limit of 100-200 players per server which is still not much .-.

  19. 1:09 and there are trillions of earths in Minecraft, since every seed is a whole different world. All of them made by AI. That is just straight up the peak of video games.

  20. Where is space engine cause space engine literally let you go out of the universe

  21. should have known minecraft was gonna be the first mentioned llol

  22. Why is no mans sky number 4? Its the largest game ever made. 18 quadrillion planets. 500+ billion years to fully explore

  23. I think space engine Should have made this list. It is 1 to 1 size of the observable universe and every part of our universe is explorable. You can explore the universe milions of time faster than the speed of light. The planets, stars, galaxies etc are all exprolabhle.

  24. the computation behind those games are insane

  25. Never heard of Elite Dangerous til now. But just that bit about the rare encounter with the weird organic ship alone makes me want to try it! Sounds like the equivalent of a real life UFO encounter

  26. Bruh no shit the world is bigger than earth if it’s a space game. You guys are clowns

  27. Star citizen boutta be somehow bigger than cod even

  28. you do relise nms has over 18 quintillion planets and 50 galaxys it is way bigger then any of these maps

  29. That ikea store from 3008 in roblox

  30. Including games that take place in space shouldn't be in this list as, by definition, their game "environment" (not "world") is already bigger than a planet like Earth.

  31. No man`s sky has 18quintilion worlds in just one (every world has 256 galaxy)

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