5 Free / Open Source Space Games

Check out these awesome games that are all about space exploration! These games are all FREE and open source. You can find the download links below.

Find more free open source games at

Download Links:
Endless Sky:


  1. Dang I've been looking for Naev for about a DECADE. Thank you for making this vid!

  2. Very nice! I am a game programmer and have always wanted to dive into developing a space game like pioneer or whatever. Just never got around to it. Looks like "Oolite" is an open source version created to be like the commercial game "Elite", which is why the ships look the way they do. The logo is the same as Elite's etc. Great set of games anyhow, I may check out a couple of them.

  3. Maybe Aurora 4X is worth mentioning? dont know for sure that its open source but its free for sure and… well saying that it has lots of content and is able to go into lots of detail is understatement, for example you can watch maybe half hour to one hour video where you dont even unpause the game 😛 if you were to make another video about this genre please make sure to look it up.
    ps. have you considered making like top 10 + ?

  4. I like pioneer but it has a lot of bugs and crashes 🙁

  5. Celestia is a good alternative to space engine which requires a powerful computer

  6. You should check out SpaceEngine, although it is not open source.

  7. Oolite is basically Elite V10. Elite was a groundbreaking 1984 3D space trading and combat game, that was then ported to pretty much all the 8-bit computers of the time, most of the 16-computers and even the NES. While the authors state that Oolite isn't Elite, the vast majority of the base game is petty much a carbon copy of Elite, but with updated graphics and some updated mechanics. Others have added a great deal to it, but if you only download and install the base game, it really does feel like a greatly updated version of Elite. Like what Elite would have become if the original authors had continued porting the original game to newer systems.

  8. I used to play Elite on the Commodore Amiga in 1988 and Oolite is very similar – except better graphics. Docking is hard, but save enough cash for a docking computer and you're on your way.
    Superb game.


  10. he says expensive map? i think it was extensive?

  11. I like Oolite but out of all of them, Pioneer is the best. I can look at the Oolite source code but I cannot compile it without XCode, and it's in old C. One day I think Pioneer is going to leave Elite Dangerous in the dust.

  12. Why did you leave out Space engine? its the best out of any simulator. The whole damn universe is in it.

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