5 Amazing Space Games To Play While You Wait For Starfield

In todays video we go over 5 Space Games you should play while waiting for Starfield.







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  1. Great picks! I couldn't get into Outer Wilds though. I thought the combat got kind of boring and the exploration didn't seem rewarding. I usually don't care for comedy games too much so it just never could get quite over the hump for me.

    Another game you might like, it's probably nothing like Starfield, is X Foundation. Very easy to sink hundreds of hours into that game.

  2. I’m so excited for starfield it’s getting closer! Can’t wait for that reveal in June too!

  3. I am going with X4 Foundations.
    I've got two factories up and running and they are providing the funds to build my Military fleet.

  4. Playing these make me even more desperate to play Starfield 😢

  5. dang man, no Everspace 2 or Spacebourne 2? sheeesh

  6. 1) Mass Effect Trilogy 2) Mass Effect Trilogy 3) Mass Effect Trilogy 4) Mass Effect Trilogy 5) Mass Effect Trilogy.

    Play 2 and 3.
    If you dont mind outdated graphics Play 1 too.

  7. I'm trying to finish Sim Settlements 2 before Starfield drops. Hopefully Chapter 3 of Sim Settlements is out before then.

  8. I've heard they've made a lot of improvements to No Man's Sky.
    *I still haven't tried it, though.

  9. I wasn't really interested in playing The Outer Worlds when it first released which was weird because I'm a huge fan of New Vegas.
    But I played it last year after the first Starfield reveal, and I'm glad I gave it a try.

  10. I play Spacebourne 2 and wait till they have fixed all the bugs Starfield will have, as any other game from Bethesda lately…

  11. Great list! Ending of Chorus was mind-blowing. Outer worlds felt for me more like a western than a space game 😀

  12. You should check out Spacebourne 2. That is indeed a game to play while we wait for Starfield…

  13. Not waiting for starfield but still watching this video to maybe see if there is a space game to play

  14. I only have to wait 5 more days – it's almost fucking here and I need something to tide me off beside just AC-VI. Don't get me wrong, armoured core is fun. But I need space stuffs. Lmao

  15. I want games to play instead of starfeild its soo boring. its litraly fast travel simulator. like that is all you do open menu fast travel talk to 1 npc then open menu fast travle. and sometimes if you are lucky shoot a few npcs with im sorry to say not fun gunplay only to be rewored with more fast travel and talking to npcs. like people can say what they want about no mans sky but atleast you can explore a planet without running into a invisable wall if you walk too far in any direction.

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