30 New Upcoming PC Space Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Sci-fi, Open World, Sandbox, Sim!

The sky is no limit for these epic space adventures that bring us tactical battles, fast-paced dogfighting, creative constructions, and unlimited journeys! Hello, my name’s GamerZakh and welcome to my 30 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2019 & 2020 list! Now, nebulous is the genre that defines these games but it’s not just games with a space setting. They have to live a breath space, immersing us in Zero-G and bringing us to worlds unknown! There’s a supermassive lineup of games, so let’s get started!


What do you think is the most important thing in a space game?

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC #SPACE #GAMES for 2019 & 2020◄
1. Between The Stars – Isolated Games (0:39)

2. Astrox Imperium – Jace Masula (1:24)

3. Executive Assault 2 – Hesketh Studios (2:03)

4. Age of Space – PodPal Games (2:50)

5. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II – Tindalos Interactive (3:28)

6. Starfighter Inc. – Impeller Studios (4:14)

7. Redout: Space Assault – 34BigThings (4:56)

8. Arc Savior – Squid Monkey Studios (5:38)

9. Infinity: Battlescape – I-Novae Studios (6:23)

10. Avorion – Boxelware (7:06)

11. Interstellar Rift – Split Polygon (7:58)

12. Starmade – Schine (8:47)

13. Skywanderers – Francois Duret (9:29)

14. Stationeers – RocketWerkz (10:15)

15. Cosmoteer – Walt Destler (10:55)

16. Nimbatus – Stray Fawn Studio (11:36)

17. Starsector – Fractal Softworks (12:18)

18. Shortest Trip to Earth – Interactive Fate (13:03)

19. Voidship: The Long Journey – Cydonian Games (14:00)

20. ΔV: Rings of Saturn – Kodera Software (14:44)

21. Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls – Reason Generator (15:31)

22. Objects in Space – Flat Earth Games (16:19)

23. Pulsar: Lost Colony – Leafy Games (17:06)

24. Stars End – Reverie World Studios (17:54)

25. Hellion – Zero Gravity (18:45)

26. Planet Nomads – Craneballs (19:35)

27. Osiris: New Dawn – Fenix Fire Entertainment (20:35)

28. Empyrion: Galactic Survival – Eleon Game Studios (21:37)

29. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – Double Damage Games (22:39)

30. Squadron 42 – Cloud Imperium Games (23:31)

Angels Fall First – Strangely Interactive

Space Engineers – Keen Software House

Star Citizen – Cloud Imperium Games

Dual Universe – Novaquark

25:38 Conclusion


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  1. I wish you could skip all the 'minecraft in space' titles

  2. yooo astrox looks like it stole a ton of shit from eve

  3. I would like to ask in your experience, what do you think of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock?

  4. NKirkwall​"I can barely believe how many prettty games there are around right now, if only all of them played as nice as they look"….This chat member nailed it.

  5. Kerbal Space Program is missing in this list : )

  6. I want an actual MMO with missions and tactical combat from a 3rd-person view. Something along the lines of Star Trek Online but with far better graphics and concentrating on space instead of the lame ground combat.

  7. the only one that make me feel like a fleet commander is Starsector, an yes, is Early access yet.

  8. should make a game like warframe, 4 player coop, hubs with lots of people, but in ships ofc, and yeah skins to buy so they make money. 3 mode's pvp small 5v5 space combat on a smallish map, medium 20v20 larg map, and big pvp 50v50 on a very big map you know with roids you can hide behind dust clouds to go in to , to stop sensors, different class ships to fly you know from a interceptor to a dreadnough. Give it a big star map to work around that would take along time to do. Give the pve side a story of ya know the old alien faction trying to take over the galaxy (The Morgus) so everyone has a common goal to get rid of this enemy.

  9. squadron 42, the name sounds like a nazi plane division

  10. It's a great list, except for Starmade. That game has been in alpha now for over 5-6 years, and hasn't moved very far. Once upon a time, It was cool, but… Performance and stability is worse. The community has shrunk 90% and is in shambles. They have no roadmap, no plan, play favorites, and argue with the community more than they listen. It is toxic. Stay. Away. Starmade has already failed and is dead, the devs just won't admit that killed it. Source: former player.

  11. Why did you NOT show the demo nor animations or graphics for SQ42? The omission seems dubious at best, personal propaganda at worst.

  12. Great video, there are plenty of those game that I didn't know.
    I've tried Nimbatus but it's blocks physics is a mess and the game itself isn't what I was searching for.
    I've got Space Engineers and it's a great game if you like space/planetary survival and building your land and space-crafts.
    These days I'm playing Avorion, it's quite more easy to progress and it's more alive.

  13. I regularly play Space games and I can tell you now, a year later from this video being published…Space Engineers (new economy update), Star Citizen, No Mans Sky, etc are all very much better games.

    Many of those games you mentioned that seem decent, i havent heard of. It may be due to not being on Steam, which is my biggest source of new games.. but videos like this are what make me look into and often buy new games. Very short but well done description of each game, going through 30 games in 26minutes is impressive! Ill go look to see if you've got an updated version of this game being almost Q4 of 2019 🙂

  14. What about Dual Universe? It's planned to release late 2020

  15. At this point in time Space Engineers is my favorite one. I love building vehicle of my own design 🙂

  16. For next list please add Dual Universe, Starbase and KSP 2 🙂

  17. Don't forget about Eve Online! Great game!

  18. a direct, to the point, no bs upcoming games list with relatively objective commentary, brilliant work!

  19. here is a tip- star citizen was supposed to be playable 2 years ago – squadron 42 (not completed either) was the answer to CIoud Imperiums brutal squandering of time & money and WTF are you talking about – if either game is playable – WHERE THE HELL IS THE VIDEO – this review was just to gush about S42 but no video on actual game – things that make you go – oh sheeeeeiiit!!

  20. just play homeworld 2 remastered and wait for homeworld 3 which is currently under development.

  21. That was one of best videos i ve seen on youtube. Well done!

  22. "Empyrion Galactic Survival" is a very addictive title!


  24. I need help finding a game… I remember watching a video where its based on a single planet and you have one life or one day and each time after one day it resets and you need to try a different path, Its either already released or soon…

  25. what have you got on homeworld 3 which is soppost to come out in 2022?

  26. 🌟 I really, really want the Mass Effect series, to come back… 😭😭

  27. I really love this channel; the way you present your list is really informative. Awesome content!

  28. Great line up of games, any of them HOTAS friendly?

  29. omg, an upcoming list that wasn't shit. Thanks for showing how its done.

  30. Where is Orion 4?? And where is new Mass Effect?

  31. Good call on Outer Worlds. It's not really a space game anyway. Good as it is the space part is in name only.

  32. So here we are a year later… Can we name squadron 42 vaporware now ?

  33. Lol squadron 42 and star citizen….. Will never release

  34. I just want a game where we can sit down in the captain's chair and boss people around. is that too much to ask?

  35. Where is Star Valor? 😀
    Awesome video BTW!

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