2500 t Launch To Orbit!!! | KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM Beautified #kerbalspaceprogram #ksp

Mike Aben
The title says it all.

Kerbal Space Program v. 1.12.5

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Complete List of Mods:
► Astronomer’s Visual Pack
► Chatterer Extended
► Contracts Window+
► Distant Object Enhancement
► Environmental Visual Enhancements
► Kerbal Engineer Redux
► Minimum Ambient Lighting Updated
► Navball Docking Alignment Indicator
► Planet Shine
► ReStock
► Scatterer
► Simple Repaint
► Texture Replacer
► Waterfall
► Waypoint Manager



  1. I will never cease to amaze at how much of this game's math you understand that you can just decide a payload weight, decide a TWR/stage, and decide a total delta-V, and then make it all happen in the editor.I mean I know you don't hesitate to use the debug mode to test it in situ, but the way you explain it, I can tell you have a firm grasp on the actual physics that I still don't have after 3k hours XD.You taught me so mch in the past 2 years!

  2. Wow it's been a while Mike! Guess I'm playing KSP today

  3. Yo mike i used to do 5000t to orbit Rockets sutch as interplanetary ships and other stuff

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