25 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2018 & 2019 ► Sci-fi, Open World, Simulation!

Space games set the stage for exploring the unknown, massive battles, intricate constructions, along with living and surviving in a vast hostile environment! Welcome to the 25 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2018 & 2019 list! Now, Space is a bit of a nebulous genre when it comes to gaming but it isn’t just about a game set in space. It has to have space ingrained into the essence of the theme and gameplay, and the games listed here are thoroughly spacey! No one can promise that they will all turn out good but they’re all interesting and have potential in their own rights, so let’s get started!

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Which ones are you most excited about?
What do you like about space games most?

►UPCOMING PC SPACE GAMES for 2018 & 2019◄
1. Starfighter Inc. – Impeller Studios

2. Dreadnought – Yager Development, SixFoot

3. Angels Fall First – Strangely Interactive

4. Infinity: Battlescape – I-Novae Studios

5. Avorion – Boxelware

6. Stationeers – RocketWerkz

7. Space Engineers – Keen Software House

8. Objects in Space – Flat Earth Games

9. Outreach – Pixel Spill

10. Deliver Us The Moon – KeokeN Interactive

11. Flagship – Urban Logic Games

12. Star Traders: Frontiers – Trese Brothers

13. Cosmoteer – Walt Destler

14. Nimbatus – Stray Fawn Studio

15. Star Command Galaxies – Warballoon

16. Galactic Princess – CECLY

17. Star Control: Origins – Stardock Entertainment

Star Control: Ghosts of the Precursors – Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III

18. Exo One – Exbleative

19. Univoyager – Damiano Vitulli

20. Hellion – Zero Gravity

21. Genesis Alpha One – Team17, Radiation Blue

22. X4: Foundations – Egosoft

23. Planet Nomads – Craneballs

24. Osiris: New Dawn – Fenix Fire Entertainment

25. Dual Universe – Novaquark

Star Citizen – Cloud Imperium Games

Starsector – Fractal Softworks

Empyrion: Galactic Survival – Eleon Game Studios


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  1. I wish flagship would come out, but it’s not. The last YouTube video on it apart from this one was 2 years ago.

  2. IT is hilarious that Star Citizen keeps emerging on each space game list since like 2014 Hahahahaha.. it wont be for another 3-4 years under best circumstances. SQ42 MAYBE a year before… Period.

  3. As nice as this is, I miss story driven space games like Freespace 2, Wing Commander, and Freelancer. I just don't care about multiplayer, and that's all game designers seem to be working on these days.

  4. I think GamerZakh has to introduce Empyrion as well…

  5. When can we have another space rpg with good story now that ME is ruined and Sq 42 is uncertain? Or some engaging single player strategy campaigns like HW, XCOM and SC(personally not a fan but don't care)? I am sick and tired of survival and arcade grinder games.

  6. Flagship must certainly take inspiration from Ender's Game.

  7. Man, remove this ridiculous HUD thing overlay from your videos. Do you realize that you are covering half of the screen with this shit? And it looks sooo 2000…

    Apart from this, the rest is TIP-TOP.

  8. Thanks.

    An interesting list. I'm always interested in what new games may be coming out. I may not want to actually play them but like to keep an eye on what may be coming.

    For myself … I worked in software development for a long time before retiring and … that has sort of exhausted my tolerance for buggy software.

    I'm not sure of the status of Dreadnought. It's free to play right now and I played it for a while but there's only so much to it. It's all combat. Kind of like World of Tanks with big slow vehicles pounding each other to pieces. People who like World of Tanks or War Thunder might like it.

    Curiously, playing Dreadnought made me want to go back and play EVE again.

  9. flat earth games …. guess those flat earthers need to make a buck somehow, too bad they need to make a game about planets

  10. Man, I wish we got another single-player focused space sim game like Freespace.

    Early Access, procedural generation, and multiplayer are just red flags for me.

  11. What is this hate towards star citizen? :'D (honorable mention? XD)

  12. heh @20:38 on the game "dual universe".. look at the proportions of the pilot compared to the cockpit of the ship he is standing on. Is he a Midget? a doll?

  13. Helium Rain. Space-Eco Company style, with endgame goal of total domination(military wise).

  14. None! They all require to much work.
    Repetitive game play get points money gold to upgrade.
    Bring back freelancer but make the experience Unique.
    Without endless mining kill ten thousand pirates to get cash so you can upgrade.
    story driven but can put it down when i need to.
    A good graphics level of realism within imagination that doesn't break the bank.
    Take GT who in there right mind want to do a one hundred lap race?
    I just want a great experience without hours and hours of pointless farming.
    All this does is make me want to stop playing all games.
    Just wish someone could come up with the correct formula for a great game.
    Instead we get mindless task poor story lines unfinished unloved over worked games
    designed to make money out of poor schmucks like me and the gaming community.
    I do realise a hard work goes into making game and dev's and the like work very very hard.
    I have spoken to a few and they feel dispondant about the directions most games take.
    Being massive Cash Cow's Designed to keep the mindless playing there game.

    Sorry rant over.

  15. star citizen too greedy with money, u dont even pay for the whole alpha beta period if u join , thats just rude. so no thx, even tho it looks awsome.

  16. Ya know what I'd really like to see more then anything on this list?……FREESPACE 3

  17. I just want a Freelancer type game, not shooting while in space or driving, I like actually exploring space and dog fighting with ships and fractions and other players and trading. Don't give a damn about driving in space

  18. I only play single player games as I refuse to waste my time with online griefers and immature assholes.

    The only game in the list of any interest to me is X4: Foundations, I will give it a very serious look when it comes out November 30, 2018. Hope it lives up to it's promises.

    I would kill for a good story driven space game like Wing Commander from the old days.
    I know all about Squadron 42 but unfortunately it seems like the game won't come out before I kick the bucket.

  19. star citizen, awesome progress but i cant play it XD crashing all the time

  20. Game I'd be waiting for would be Freelancer II, made by Microsoft & Obsidian (since OE is now part of M$).

  21. I still feel that all these games miss the mark. Maybe my expectations are too high nowadays when it comes to gaming.

  22. Oh man, Star Citizen watch is like a world-wide thing now, that unites us as a species.

  23. this is amazing how hard did you have to look to find so many shitty games, also not many single player games either, which is weird, because single players is the best.

  24. cosmoteer isnt avilable on Steam, but you can find it on their official site.

  25. Man this list sucks (not your fault) half these games have super terrible graphics or just crap indie games you'll get bored of in 2 hours. I want star citizen, or a game like a elite dangerous but with more things to do and better planets.

    Seriously Elite Dangerous is amazing and has so much potential but the planetary graphics are about 15 years behind the space graphics. They are just all fugly orange rocks with no atmosphere and few landmarks of note. They were just shoehorned into an expansion a few years ago.

  26. acttually i want to find a game like a android GALAXY ON FIRE 2, I want ti find that game for pc, its just like a mercenaries wit bounty head and earn some side mission

  27. Nextcolony on the steem blockchain is great and easy for older persons like me!

  28. many look so cheap. om looking for an immersive universe that isn't all about hack and slash.  id like to see one with progressive skilling  so you might start out automaticly docking to a station. but later on you might progress to a manual dock  that may be cheaper  that has expected  traffic control laned around populated planets.  and of course various types of mining or resource gathering from solar to  gas collection.  a bit like eve but  casual player friendly  not full of lawless pvp jerks   what star trek online was suppose to be before they turned it into a cartoon.

  29. 17:46 "Those that like it seem to like it though." XD Lol what

  30. What are the best space games on mobile ? (Tablet & phone)

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