2022 NHL Draft LIVE w/ Steve Dangle & Colby Armstrong Hydrated By Biosteel

Join Steve Dangle and Colby Armstrong as they watch the NHL Draft LIVE from Montreal, instant pick reaction, analysis and interviews with some of the biggest draft picks!

The 2022 NHL Draft stream is Hydrated By Biosteel


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  1. stop talking over all the important parts…

  2. Sundin was playing for Djurgården when he was drafted. My uncle was his junior coach there, and actually arranged for me and my siblings and cousins to get to meet him when Toronto came to play Djurgården for a Global Series in 2003. Other honorable mentions from Djurgården's program: Landeskog, Zibanejad, Hörnqvist and Holtz.

  3. Well done by Mike Grier in a very difficult situation. Starts new job, next day colleague dies suddenly then has to conduct a draft for his new franchise. Hats off to the Sharks in general. Happy for the Slovaks too.

  4. Armstrong on his phone the whole thing. What's the point he's not even listening 😅.

  5. This set could be commentary from Dodgeball the movie

  6. Army: It's a little hot back here.
    Dangle: That's just my charisma.

  7. The Kraken slander is funny cause the Canadiens had a worse record, does that make them a bad franchise?

  8. Shane just has a really dry personality and even tho Connor Mcdavid does as well, he’s not Mcdavid.

  9. awesome stream guys!
    Actually made the draft enjoyable for the first time in years.

  10. Mr Wright will be playing with both Beniers, and Winterton (Hamilton) remember, and Winterton who helped McTavish

  11. Saku Koivu is working at TPS Turku so I wouldn't be surprised if he shared some insights on Slafkovsky to Montreal

  12. 49:27
    For just a quick second everyone had a thought in their mind they were gonna get Wright too

  13. 25.00 Steve “I’ve heard Wright going as low as fourth”

  14. You stopped at #27 pick ?
    You Toronto maple leafs sportsnet freas are a joke.

  15. @ 54:43 You can see Wright stare down the Montreal table at the front. If looks could kill!

  16. Wright talked like a scripted robot on speed; doesn’t come across as genuine. Not hard to see why he got bumped down.
    Obviously hugely talented but he needs to learn how to be a man, not just a theory.

  17. Me and Colby share the crooked nose lmao at least you got paid to get punched Arms

  18. this is rad. do they do this every year? if they dont they should. love these two!

  19. Kent Hughes drinking that Bio Steel as trades announced. Stone cold.

  20. I am a Leafs fan and have a comment on Kyle Dubas. Dubas has done a few good things I like. But overall he has been a failure as a GM. HOW MANY times has he traded away draft picks to fix / correct problems he has caused. The latest being the Mzarek signing. He has traded most of the Leafs draft picks so the cupboards are bare. He continually makes bad signings and then has to trade away picks to get out from under these signings. Another year with NO FIRST ROUND pick.

  21. Big Z said in slovak language : Congratulations to get drafted to NHL and I wish you long and successful career in NHL , wish you best of luck , take care

  22. Good idea with the stream, the interviews were cool, but you missed like 1/3rd of the picks being made because of them 😅 and Armstrong seemed a little disinterested lol

  23. Cooley did not seem too happy to go to the Yotes. lol

  24. Great work team! Thank you for this interesting live breakdown of the draft. Very interesting talks with the players too.

  25. bettman if you put a team in QUEBEC you might not get booed like you always do a team in ARIZONA but not QUEBEC….. yeah real ass move

  26. These guys are so lost 😂 "Kemell the big bodied finn"

  27. Steve predicts Shane Wrights draft at 24minutes

  28. Anyone know when the mrazic trade happens?

  29. Conspiracy theory:

    Bettman was still bitter avout the Habs winning the 1st overall pick, so he secretly took it back and gave it to the Kraken. Unbeknownst to the general public, Seattle has had the 1st overall pick his whole time, but had to select 4th to hide the sharade. Owners for the top 3 picks were paid off to not disclose the coup. Wright goes to Seattle.

    Prove me wrong.

  30. Thank you for hanging on a little longer and covering the sharks what a historic moment at the draft considering the new gm nd the sudden passing of a great man

  31. I watched a bit of this NHL draft show and it was HORRIBLE! I was there to watch the draft….not listen to a couple of dweebs who may or may not have been drunk! That was a topic of discussion on the chat, everyone thought they were inebriated! I don't waste my money on Cable TV and I tried to find the draft elsewhere on the internet but they all had more talk than Draft!
    This was pretty poor coverage of the Draft!👎👎👎
    mea sententia sine firmis 🦂🦂

  32. Steve, you should watch the ESPN Feed. You'll get a different perspective on the Wright story. The look on his face everytime he was passed especially when Coyotes has the #3 pick. He had that look of oh no on his face. Check it out..

  33. This is one of the best drafts in recent memory in terms of entertainment

  34. That's got to be the best Draft Coverage I've ever seen. Props to you guys. So entertaining and fun.

  35. Good on ya Colby for cheering up Wright and showing him all that positive energy!

  36. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel says:

    What a monster effort the whole crew put into this. Really admirable, really professional. You kept things fluid and stayed sharp even though a lot of things were happening at the same time. For HOURS!

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