2022 Are these the Space Games We’ve been Looking For?

2022 Are the the Space Games We’ve been Looking For? CREATORS CRUSH
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  1. Anarchy Online for the WIN! OG Sci-fi MMO's rule. Super complex character customization of all time back then. AWESOME game, still play to this day, off and on.

  2. Lol again that talk … hahahahaha damn YouTubers will lose their milk cow. Pathetic especially the obsolete ent desperately trying to exist hahahahahaha

  3. This was a lot of fun, thanks for asking me along! 🙂

  4. Hey i was the guy you talked to in the elite dangerouse discord hope we get to talk again it was fun nice videos btw

  5. I loved that you guys talked about all of them. Even the ones that inspired many of the big three today.

  6. omg. how many times is that guy going to talk about VR. he made his point on the 5th time. no need to say the same shit all stream long.

  7. Cmdr Exigeous not understanding how VR is tied to FPS is odd. ED can do VR well because it is essentially running on a current phone game engine that has extremely simple mechanics. [ED is a freakin great game btw] VR has to render 2X which is the reason we don't see tons of AAA games rocking VR in 60+ fps

  8. I love that All My Fav Content creators are in one place. I am looking Forward To Flying With Each of you Just let me Know. So much Greatness

  9. Ooowwww maaaan. You need to invite me onto the next one 🙂

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