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Homeworld is a RTS classic from 1999 that i used to play as a 14 years old kid. Homeworld received very high scoring reviews and was a very innovative game due to it’s 3D map, during the peak of real time strategy gaming. here i play mission 1 of the Homeworld campaign.

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Here we play the Homeworld remastered version that was released in around 2015. Homeworld’s campaign had a fantastic story line which the player could immerse themselves in to. The gameplay of homeworld, however, was not as complex as other real time strategy games of it’s time, such as age of empires 2. There was no city building and economy management was purely based on sending some ships to mine asteroids. The main focus of the game was the epic space battles and essentially, your main aim was to get a huge fleet as quickly as possible and then eliminate the enemy. Homeworld did develop a multiplayer scene, with specific build orders developed in order to have a strong fleet, made up of a variety of ships, as quickly as possible. some players would go straight for the kill, where as other players will expand across space, mining as many resources as they could in order to play the long game.

Homeworld 3 is due for release in 2022

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Story cinematics
3:33 gameplay

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  1. Something a little different for the channel. Let me know if you played homeworld and if you are hyped for Homeworld 3. Will you be getting it?

  2. I just bought the remaster a couple of weeks ago. apparently the classic version works better (also available on the collection) but there is a fan patch that remedies some of the issues on the remaster

  3. Ah, Homeworld. Brings back memories. 1 and 2 are both fantastic. Such a beautiful game. It’s almost simplistic in its beauty. My God, the music brings you right back.

  4. Are the same people working on 3? If not, I’m skeptical. Unfortunately, I feel like studios have trouble these days remaking games as good as this. I will be hopeful though.

  5. Yeah but not this pitiful remake. The original was an absolute masterclass. The game engine and it's replayability was and still is second to none. If the servers were still up today, there would still be many regulars, myself included.

    But this remaster, all they had to do was make a pretty skin over the top of it. But instead they chose to port hw1 into the horrible hw2 engine, that no one asked for. Now look at it, it's dead.

    So to answer your question, no I am not hyped at all for hw3. I have zero faith in gearbox, they're just a bunch of money grabbing shitheads.

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