20 New Upcoming PC Space Games in 2020 & 2021 ► Best Open-world, Trading, Combat, Flight Simulators!

It’s time to go to one place that hasn’t been corrupted… SPACE! Hello, my name’s GamerZakh and welcome to my list of 20 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2020 & 2021! It’s important to note that these aren’t games that just have a space setting as a strategy game set in space would be in the Strategy list. This is more about the experience of living in that final frontier. Now, this tends to be a genre of rough looking indie gems to never before seen massive endeavours, and we should have something for everyone today. There’s also a whole bunch of bonus games after the main list, so watch all the way through. VOTE on your favourite game and MORE in the List Hub:

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What is the greatest space game of all time and why?

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC #SPACE #GAMES for 2020 & 2021◄
1. SpaceBourne – Burak Dabak (0:52)

2. Underspace – Pastaspace Interactive (1:45)

3. Everspace 2 – ROCKFISH Games (2:46)

4. Infinity: Battlescape – I-Novae Studios (3:42)

5. In The Black (Starfighter Inc.) – Impeller Studios (4:31)

6. Interstellar Prime – Dreamcatcher Studio (5:35)

7. Between The Stars – Isolated Games (6:28)

8. Ostranauts – Blue Bottle Games (7:18)

9. ΔV: Rings of Saturn – Kodera Software (8:14)

10. Cosmoteer – Walternate Realities (9:02)

11. Nimbatus – Stray Fawn Studio (9:56)

12. Avorion – Boxelware (10:47)

13. Skywanderers – Francois Duret (11:35)

14. Starbase – Frozenbyte (12:20)

15. Stationeers – RocketWerkz (13:17)

16. Hellion – Zero Gravity (ABANDONED BY DEVS AFTER MAKING THIS VIDEO) (14:14)

17. Starpoint Gemini 3 – Little Green Men Games (15:05)

18. Squadron 42 – Cloud Imperium Games (16:10)

19. Dual Universe – Novaquark (17:28)

20. Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Ubisoft Montpellier (18:43)

Kerbal Space Program 2

Homeworld 3

Astrox Imperium

Executive Assault 2

Redout: Space Assault

Interstellar Rift



Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls

Pulsar: Lost Colony

Empyrion: Galactic Survival

Osiris: New Dawn

Angels Fall First

Stars End

Star Citizen

21:27 Conclusion


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  1. Star Citizen is the biggest crowdfunded project of all time and has been in development for eight years now with no sign of release anytime soon. When the funding went well beyond even the developer's wildest expectations, the backers voted to increase the size and scope of the game to match this value. A lot of the 'feature creep' that some take umbrage with was actually part of this plan.

    That being said, the game is not with out fault. Some stuff has been re-worked multi times, extra features beyond even the extended scope have been added while key features are still absent, and various partnerships with 3rd parties have not ended well.

    The biggest problem however, is the bubbles. Fanatics of Chris Roberts or the dream of the game that one day might be tend to cluster together and feed off each other to re-enforce the idea that the game is a golden calf and to group up and attack anyone who disagrees. Haters do the exact same thing, just from the other side. Unfortunately, a project this big has attracted a lot of both, which has led to the moderate voices in the middle struggling to make themselves heard, while fending off attacks from both sides.

    In the end it's a just video game. It may be great, it may be awful, it may be be stuck in development hell for years to come, but most likely, it will turn out to to be pretty good.

    To the fanatics I say, nothing made by humans is perfect, and it's OK to discuss the game's flaws as long as it's civil.
    To the haters I ask, Why are you here? Go, find something you enjoy and focus on that instead. Everyone, including – especially – yourself, will be much happier.
    To the moderates I say, it's still got a way to go. Either check back in a year or two, or if you'd rather stick around, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.
    Now before you reply, thinking I've called you either a hater or a fanatic, I didn't apply that label to you- you did. 🙂

  2. Any titles from those that will also be released on XO or PS4?

  3. Thank you for mentioning Squadron 42. Star Citizen is also getting better every quarter.

  4. Star Citizen is an alternate reality, not a game, it will never truly be finished.

  5. 90% of games are about only fuking shooting other ships.I cant find a normal game like KSP

  6. No mention of rebel galaxy Outlaw which has had an early access release in the epic store but is far from finished. Had a blast playing the first one, especially after I loaded all my favorite western punk/Firefly music into it.

  7. +1 Star citizen!!!! In 20xx when it is released it will be the end all game for Sci-fi space games

  8. Turn off comments = No complaints…. Fixed EZ

  9. Star Citizen is moving along nicely now… Lots of fun. I can wait for Squadron 42 and it is going to be great also.

  10. What about Space Engineers? They say it's released……but it's not finished. (won't be)

  11. For me the best of all time was the original 8-bit Elite on BBC Micro.. that was the first mainstream space game I ever played and it BLEW MY MIND!! It even had procedural generated galaxies back then in 1984. I really enjoyed Frontier and Freespace 2 as well. Just couldn't get into the X series though.

  12. It saddens me that you didn't give any useful information about Squadron 42, just a lot of very audible complaining about what people might type into a youtube comment if you mentioned it. You gave a synopsis of every game, but just pre-complained about potential comments for Squadron 42… not a good way to handle it IMO.

  13. For me, my favorite game was Freelancer.

    Fun fact: Freelancer, Wing Commander and Wing Commander Privateer are commonly space gamer's top game (read through the comments here) and all three games were produced or at least conceived and started, in the case of Freelancer, by Chris Roberts… Star Citizen. He is the reason I backed the project.

    He also produced (in part) in the movies: The Punisher, Lord of War, Lucky Number Slevin and Outlander. All of which I enjoyed.

  14. Watching these lists I realize how much stupid developer names are out there XD

  15. Wow.. so terrible that there are so many sh+t games in the making and i have to wait till 2022 for homeworld 3 for a REAL space game.. why are so many people buying these rubbish games??? If you want a first person shooter then play those cod games what ever they called.. What a company should do is make a game like eve online with any of the terrible terrible mechanics it has..

  16. WTF with these games looking like the 1990's ? Who the hell wants that crap? Is that the cheap way for these companies to make $ by pushing this crap?

  17. Squadron 42 is clearly the only game that looks like something I thought games would look like in 2020. Why hate? Let’s just wait and enjoy it if it’s fun.

  18. Dude all these people that are hating on Star citizen can go screw themselves. Anyone thinking it's a scam doesn't know what theyre talking about.

  19. Try making the ultamate game with NO budget and by yourself

  20. Good informational video. Nothing on the dude who made this but for me Privateer was the best space game ever… Star Citizen has potential (needs a direct Linux version, no port).

  21. @ 4:58 speaker mentions magical shield… research active protection system, active in Russia and Israel currently, patented by Boeing. In The Black better have shields lol.

  22. starpoint gemini 3 looks like a rip off of the old free lancer video game.

  23. Elite Dangerous, HANDS DOWN. Yes, it needs some work but visually and just the scale of it……. everything else looks like it's for children. ( space legs coming soon…((fingers crossed)))

  24. All the people who hate SC will be playing SC for the next ten years so don't worry about it

  25. haha, i sat here, seeing if you'd mention sq42. And if u didnt, complain.. (sry man :P) And tbh, this is the best response you couldve given haha

  26. Squadron 42?!! …rabble rabble rabble…

  27. The guy narrating sounds like Ron Burgundy: Used Car Salesman

  28. I feel like Star Citizen has become the urban legend of the gamer community… it could be out there somewhere, but is more the subject of rumors and speculation

  29. Best ever? Freespace 2, probably.
    or Elite Dangerous for a very different experience.

  30. You know they are actually telling the truth, the "game" will be released in 2949…

  31. My Fave Space game? Easy// X3: Terran Conflict and X4: Foundations.

  32. Freelancer. Ahead of its time and the foundation for so many that were to come.

  33. Great games out there! Way till they find out about Space Misfits!

  34. I loved your Squadron 42 comments!!! You really can’t win when you talk about it, so I wouldn’t put too much effort into trying. You did very well just saying what you did! GJ

  35. Beyond good and evil 2 is kind of a Wildcard, it looks amazing but still no word about what exactly it will be

  36. Beyond good and evil 2 is coming out on the 6 month of 2020

  37. Haters gonna hate. Period.

    Star Citizen it's already the best space sin you could ever be playing. Even on alpha 3.7 the game outclasses every other game in the industry when it comes to innovation, technology, and scope (not just space games).

    The big problem with star citizen it's indeed the delays and bugs. That piss many ppl. Even tho nowadays it's really stable.

  38. Just discovered your channel, and among all gamerchannel i like you to most. I like the way you present each game.

  39. Tachyon the fringe and freelancer are the bench marks of old and forgotten

  40. Freespace 2 is still one of the best space combat games of all time. Excellent feel and a compelling story–nothing's quite recaptured it since.

  41. When I've learned something in life, then if you do it Right, you get hatred and getting hatred, means to be successful and you are right, you can't pick a side, it just hits like an universal law. 😀

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