20 New Upcoming PC Space Games in 2020 & 2021 ► Best Open-world, Trading, Combat, Flight Simulators!

It’s time to go to one place that hasn’t been corrupted… SPACE! Hello, my name’s GamerZakh and welcome to my list of 20 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2020 & 2021! It’s important to note that these aren’t games that just have a space setting as a strategy game set in space would be in the Strategy list. This is more about the experience of living in that final frontier. Now, this tends to be a genre of rough looking indie gems to never before seen massive endeavours, and we should have something for everyone today. There’s also a whole bunch of bonus games after the main list, so watch all the way through. VOTE on your favourite game and MORE in the List Hub:

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What is the greatest space game of all time and why?

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC #SPACE #GAMES for 2020 & 2021◄
1. SpaceBourne – Burak Dabak (0:52)

2. Underspace – Pastaspace Interactive (1:45)

3. Everspace 2 – ROCKFISH Games (2:46)

4. Infinity: Battlescape – I-Novae Studios (3:42)

5. In The Black (Starfighter Inc.) – Impeller Studios (4:31)

6. Interstellar Prime – Dreamcatcher Studio (5:35)

7. Between The Stars – Isolated Games (6:28)

8. Ostranauts – Blue Bottle Games (7:18)

9. ΔV: Rings of Saturn – Kodera Software (8:14)

10. Cosmoteer – Walternate Realities (9:02)

11. Nimbatus – Stray Fawn Studio (9:56)

12. Avorion – Boxelware (10:47)

13. Skywanderers – Francois Duret (11:35)

14. Starbase – Frozenbyte (12:20)

15. Stationeers – RocketWerkz (13:17)

16. Hellion – Zero Gravity (ABANDONED BY DEVS AFTER MAKING THIS VIDEO) (14:14)

17. Starpoint Gemini 3 – Little Green Men Games (15:05)

18. Squadron 42 – Cloud Imperium Games (16:10)

19. Dual Universe – Novaquark (17:28)

20. Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Ubisoft Montpellier (18:43)

Kerbal Space Program 2

Homeworld 3

Astrox Imperium

Executive Assault 2

Redout: Space Assault

Interstellar Rift



Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls

Pulsar: Lost Colony

Empyrion: Galactic Survival

Osiris: New Dawn

Angels Fall First

Stars End

Star Citizen

21:27 Conclusion


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  1. Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks awesome. I hope its out soon and has some good customibility. As far as Star Citizen, its a bear. The developer CIG misses almost every promised update. Furthermore the game is the textbook definition of feature creep. I fear for how fun Star Citizen will actually be too. Just taking off and landing is a major procedure right now and the game seems to be more directed towards a future life simulation game than anything else. I hope its fun and they cut out some of the completely unnecessary features. Cough hunger cough… for the time being though, you need hours and hours of investment to complete missions and there is no persistence unless you pay for it so its a cash grab atm. Also there isnt any story in the game right now. Its currently driven by the imagination of its fans which is great but can be dangerous. It does have a lot of promise though. BGE2 will prolly be more fun.

  2. Nice list. Wonder when Bethesda's Starfield will drop (and what it will be).

  3. My favorite space game is EvE Online.

    Starbase is the most intriguing game I have heard of recently.

  4. i love star citizen and anything that they are working on im going to support. im fact im building a new gaming pc just so i can play the game like butter even at its current state. already got 6 grand going into the pc and thats subject to change most likely upwards in value as i get closer to finishing the pc build. so that should say just how much i like the game even in its current testing phases with its bugs. they need us to find and test things. but once they get it worked out this game is going to be the #1 title that redefines how games are created entirely. hopefully most companies will take on there same business model and stop pushing out games left and right and just focus on one game and make it a masterpiece that will be enjoyed even 20 years in the future because of the amount of work and effort that goes into them. the games that get pushed out fast end up giving us enjoyment for a short time and then we move on to the next one trying to get our fix. that should show that something is wrong in the gaming world. In my opinion a good game is one that you can enjoy till the day you die and never be bored of it. just imagine a game thats been created and still received a ton of new content and enhancements even 50 years after its initial release. thats a game that could give you a new world to live in for your entire life and still may never fully explore it in your lifetime

  5. Privateer/Freelancer 🙂 Everything else has been base on the experience I had then.

  6. Is there a space games just for space exploration and building I don't really like space combat games I would like a exploration exclusive title do you know of any something like space engine

  7. Hey GamerZakh!! Cant thank you enough for Showcasing and talking about INTERSTELLAR PRIME! You have an awesome fan base, we would love to hook you up with some Steam Keys for you and your fan. Our Early Access just released! So please get a hold of me on our Discord!
    -Saber Steel
    P.R. Director

  8. I am very down for In The Black. Got The Expanse vibes.

  9. at least A REVIEW with inside looking ships and no the copy/paste trailers.! well done!!

  10. My favorite is from the Atari ST era called "Sundog: Frozen Legacy". You inherit a space ship and a small sum of money, repair your ship, transport colonists.

  11. I like playing "Rocket Craze" on my mobile more 🙂

  12. For me, the best Space game would be EVE online, but it all depends on the player.

  13. Underspace gives off a very strong Freelancer vibe. I'm in.

  14. I like Galaxy on Fire – Alliances, although i think it's not for free anymore, please correct me if i'm wrong thank you.

  15. I am a SC backer, patiently waiting for it. Freelancer is still the absolute best IMO. I am actually replaying it while COVID-19 rampages through the world.

  16. Empyrion Galactic Survival should have gotten more than what it got on this list, they're doing new updates with pretty big improvements on a relatively fast basis compared to other titles like Warframe. Speaking of warframe, why wasn't it listed, it's still getting brand new content added to the extend that it's basically a game transforming into more and more of a full blown space simulator with full open world.

  17. The original Mass Effect trilogy, especially with the original BioWare rpg elements

  18. I didn't found any games like Star wolves …….That was my best games ever…

  19. not gonna lie i thought by 2020 we would have a space rts where you could take control of individual ships like the x series except with ships that have full interiors, planets, and not nearly as janky as the x series is. seemed like something wed would have by now 10 years ago.

  20. humanity is still years and years from being a space faring species so i'd say these games are the next best thing.

  21. Stellar Tactics anyone????? … And The Wing Commander games made space games mainstream for the PC market. Even though they weren't all good!

  22. I love Star Citizen and I am still waiting …

  23. Just speaking for myself, while X-wing and TIE Fighter are both very honorable mentions, my favorite space sim game I've played of all the "classic" space games I have seen (say, circa 1999 or so) is without doubt Freespace 2. Compelling story, inscrutable aliens (those Shivans are scary), in-scale kilometers-long capital ships (very new feature for its time) and a modding community (gawd bless Hard Light Productions!) still going strong after more than 20 years. Not to mention a plethora of freeware player-made campaigns that approach or (rarely) even exceed the quality of the original campaign. The enhanced graphics from the modding community are a huge plus too.

  24. Are the bonus games trapped in Early Access Limbo

  25. SQ42 is the best AAA space game coming for an SP experience, when it's done.. Likely 2021

  26. Starflight. BTW version 3 is in the works. It was the game that set the hook.

  27. Well done! Just ignore the haters, I know it’s hard but if they don’t like it, they can make their own review.

    Excellent work!

    Here’s to hoping frontier can right the ship for Odyssey.

  28. Spacebourne is seriously underrated. It's not Elite Dangerous or Scam Citizen, but it feels the most like Freelancer.

  29. Im look for more space games to fall in love with.. I already love eve online, star citizen, elite dangerous, no man's sky, everspace, even kerbal space program

  30. Im old. Starflight was my favorite early PC Game. After that Wing Commander – the entire series. And although not Space per se another great game was Descent – the entire series!

  31. Hellion was abandoned 🙁 Not enough players

  32. When will you release another space game list? 🙂 There were some listed in your recent Strategy games list, but I'm very curious to your review of what's coming soon specifically in the space genre 🙂

  33. Only squadron 42 looks worth buying. The rest are either carbon copies or 1999 graphics…….Earth and Beyond, and Eve Online before the pvp set it were the best space games.

  34. Infinity Battlescape is dead already, the player count is usually below 10. Yes, ten, you read correctly. For a PVP game this is a no-go, and the Devs are too proud to adress the issues to raise the player-count.

  35. Thanks for the review bro. "Fallen Frontier" soon.

  36. Wing Commander series is the best for me. Thank you

  37. Steam & video game publishers owe you money! I know I check your videos and end up purchasing more than I ever intend to because I enjoy what I see in your videos. I’m just one person and I gotta think there’s a lot more!

  38. Project Sylpheed is still my best space game and still looks great being such an old game now. Wish it got an HD remake for the PC.

  39. My top 3
    Masters of Orion 3.
    Homeworld 1
    Wing Commander

    All those 3 game completely redefined the genre everything that came after it pays homages in some way or another.

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