20 MUST PLAY PS5 Games that you NEED to Play in 2024!

Love Gaming Newtro
What Games should be on this list!?

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Intro 0:00
Spider-Man 1:36
Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart 2:27
GTA The Definitive Edition 3:19
Banishers Ghost of New Eden 4:02
Helldivers 2 4:54
A Plague Tale 5:41
Final Fantasy 7 / Rebirth 6:44
Final Fantasy XVI 7:45
Walking Dead: Telltale Series 8:38
Astro’s Playroom / Astro Bot 9:40
Cyberpunk 2077 10:15
Elden Ring 11:06
Day’s Gone 12:02
GTA V 13:05
Black Myth Wukong 13:42
The Last of Us: Part 1 14:50
God of War 15:44
Ghost of Tsushima 17:36
Stellar Blade 18:54
Red Dead Redemption 2 19:50
The Witcher 3 20:54
Games Not Mentioned 21:40
Comment of the Day 22:26

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  1. I couldn't tell if the CD Projekt Red post for the menstrual award was a satirical joke, trolling or dead serious.

  2. hey guys, theres a survival game that many people are sleeping on. if you liked the forest, ark or minecraft you should def check out GROUNDED

  3. 17k Views and only 801 thumbs up!!!, your channel is way better than this, i got a Ps5 on my 47th birthday last year because of watching your vids dude, you need to ask people who watch, ( to Subscribe, and Hit That Bell Brother ) 😉👊, Peace, Ps i`ll be back in a couple of nights, as I'm Sure my Mrs. broke her Femur bone just to keep me off my Pc 🤔

  4. Ohh you mean I have time to start attacking my backlog (I have a stupid amount of games on all consoles)…. Picks a game that I have played and finished many times over to do another play through (kingdom hearts haha)

  5. I love those plaque tales.i beat them both

  6. I am gonna start by saying bravo 👏 love ❤your videos man . I merely have one suggestion if i may. I am a Playstation console owner as well as an Xbox as well . Most of your games in this list are on both consoles ( minus some ps exclusives ) so why not make a list for xbox as well or for both ? You love gaming yet you represent only a part of it . I love both consoles they are equally great but seriously you are missing out on some great games on Xbox , Gears of war , Halo , Forza Horizon , Hi-Fi Rush , Ori , Starfield and the list goes on. I understand that you love your Playstation ( i also love mine ) but more than that i love gaming as a whole not a certain company . Both are great for mature gamers so why not giving some love to other games as well 😉 ? Both consoles are great and i trully believe between their games they complete each other.

  7. Just shows the lack of ps5's gaming library. Just a bunch of ps4 games & remasters. Besides GOW Ragnorak, all other ps5 games have been weak. They are massively lacking exclusives & Sony US team have gone full identity politics of wokeness, look at spiderman 2……

  8. Ghost of tsushima and last of us are the best game in ps4

  9. It's crazy how few truly great games come out per year now vs when we were kids

  10. Very good list, but the Witcher should not be on there lol. In fact a lot will argue you didn't mention even Resident Evil 4 remake or Horizon Forbidden West. But then again there where probably 10 more you could have added, so it's all good. Love the humor in these videos so subbed

  11. How in Earth was Forbidden West missed!?

  12. Elden ring and cyberpunk gotta be 2 of my favorite games of all time 🔥

  13. I get only a few hours a week to play games and I want to try stellar blade but I dont have the time or reflexes anymore for souls like games, is stellar blade still a good recommendation or is there another game I should look at?

  14. Bought ghost of Tsushima because of your recommendation…it’s so awesome it’s my 2nd favourite game after rdr2 … thanks for that

  15. Biggest 🐉 one 🐲 dragon 🐉 ball ⚽ sparkling ✨ zero 🍩 🍖🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Some games i wouldve added to the list are horizon , life is strange , death stranding , uncharted and bloodborne but overall this is a solid list Newtro! Lovely video, totally missed it 2 days ago dont know why im watching this only just now XD

  17. Still I am thinking of completing gta 5 again for the 10th time

  18. Gotta disagree with you on Day's Gone, but the quality of the vids is getting better every time! Love watching a stream after 10 hour shifts, keep it up!

  19. Omg that’s my favorite part to those little turds are annoying and it’s so satisfying 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Yes we need a sequel to Days Gone love that game

  21. Your username is to close to LJN the angry video game nerd nemesis

  22. I really want to play the remastered San Andreas, but I heard it is unplayable. Is it that bad?

  23. New to PS5, and you really helped me out with this video.

  24. I plan on getting back into Ghost of Tsushima!

  25. If I could only play 1 of these games which one would you recommend??

  26. I liked your video and subscribe your chanal because of days gone

  27. Bro I am from Nigeria it will be a blessing if you could gift me a ps5 console so I can try out all these games you mentioned it will be flipping amazing if you can

  28. You are a crack pop most of these games are ps4 games not ps5 and just cause they get a graphic bump doesn’t mean it’s a ps5 game. We are also still in 2024?! Click bait trash

  29. I've tried Read Dead Redemption 2 a few times and just can't get into it. A shame because I loved the first game.

  30. I totally get what you mean about red dead. I played as high honour arthur and at the end, i cried and it was the first time i loved a character this much

  31. I only want to play a handful of these games most third party. Currently I'm thinking why didn't get a PS5 as not much interests me?

  32. I know the State of Play was a disappointment, but here are my favourite games to play in 2024 and yes I Forgot to put Uncharted!

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