15 NEW Space Games of 2022 And Beyond

The vast and seemingly endless void of space is a place of intrigue and mystery, making it the perfect backdrop to a video game.

Over the years, many games have delivered excellent experiences in places other than our Earth and 2022 and beyond is looking to be a similarly fruitful time for such fans. On that note, we present 15 space games that you should keep an eye out for.


  1. Help me find another space game. its also old. it was like in world of warcraft game, you could mine asteroids to build stiff and explore areas that are dangerous. You could even issue commands over radio to friendly npc "Drop your Cargo" they would blow you up in seconds 😀 There are few ships with different main stats. Not a strategic. I can paypal you for helping me, ty. i keep notifications on.

  2. I’m so early, I don’t even know what to write. Uh… I like spaghetti. Have a good day

  3. 1) Starfield
    2) Mass Effect
    3) Humanoid studios' game (Casey Hudson, ex BioWare)
    4) The Outer Worlds 2

  4. Kerbal Space Program 2 needs to be on this list. Aside from Starfield, KSP 2 will be amazing once it releases.

  5. How was dead space remake not on this list

  6. Starfield space guard dialogue: "I used to be a space adventurer like you, but then I took a laser beam to the knee"

  7. Hmm 🤔.. how about
    -Dead space remake
    – The Callisto protocol
    – Pragmata …
    Really looking forward to all 3 of those.

  8. One Lonely Outpost, basically Stardew Valley in space. So cool cant wait.

  9. Yay! Another Star Trek featuring a diverse female space Jesus because that worked out so well for STD.

  10. I am not getting hyped about Starfield. They have shown nothing so far. I am hopeful it will be good. Haunted Space looks cool. Also the dead space remake could be good. I love the original.

  11. Yup. Listened to your description of Homeworld 3 and had to click off

  12. I was sure The Callisto Protocol would be here, but no, I was very wrong.

  13. Starfield is going to be amazing. People have forgotten this is the team that created Skyrim and fall out 3. They have many teams that have brought down their popularity a bit but this is the main team. They will crush it.

  14. I get a feeling the Xenoids devs are gonna get slapped with a C&D from Disney lol

  15. So most of the games are set in space…goes to say how sick people are of living on Earth these days.

  16. Dead Space Remake and i hope for PSVR2 too.

  17. Starfield will accomplish and deliver what Star Citizen could not.

  18. no exploration and adventure ,,,, just fps … very poor… very poor imagination

  19. Well written video. Just wish it was longer 🙂

  20. Starfield will probably be dog shit. Bethesda has used the same engine for like 10 years and it's shit. The game will be a clunky pile a shit that they will re release another 10 years after it comes out.

  21. you can leave out any and all EA games. EA trash its in the garbage

  22. sorry but almost many games that metion in video release on 2023 not 2022 you should change the tittle

  23. The game list is fairly lack luster, the one game in interested in is starfield.

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