15 MORE upcoming SPACE games of 2022 and beyond

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Continuing our coverage of upcoming space games, we have picked 15 more titles that are coming in the nearest future.

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▶️ ─── Chapters ─── ◀️

00:00 Intro
00:22 Nebula
01:47 Capital Command
02:53 Nebulous: Fleet Command
04:27 Flight of Nova
05:37 Boundary
06:48 Fragile Existence
08:21 Moon Mystery
09:31 ILL Space
10:42 SpaceBourne 2
12:27 The Pegasus Expedition
13:54 Age of Space
15:00 Ixion
16:22 Terra Invicta
18:04 Star Trek: Resurgence
19:28 Sins of a Solar Empire II
20:48 Outro

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Capital Command

Nebulous: Fleet Command

Flight of Nova


Fragile Existence

Moon Mystery

ILL Space

SpaceBourne 2

The Pegasus Expedition

Age of Space


Terra Invicta

Star Trek: Resurgence

Sins of a Solar Empire II

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We compiled this list based on our personal opinions. So, your mileage may vary when it comes to games – everyone has their taste. However, we feel that it’s important to respect others’ opinions.

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  1. No Star Citizen itself in either video? I would say that it is highly anticipated.

  2. I discover the channel, very effective, good demonstrative sequences for each game, and a commentary that explains lots of details! best wishes

  3. Graphics card struggling …. PC constrained to games issues no later than 3 years ago.

    Shutdown video … error … error … errooorrrrr

  4. All games is deep shit! Only Ixion is good.

  5. you have to tell me what text to speech you use. its so good

  6. Star Trek: Resurgence looked like it could have been exciting but it's epic exclusive so they can keep it the same goes for Sins2. I remember that I played Spacbourn 1 a little but the quality was just ugh Impressive for a 1 man project but still ugh.

  7. Best upcoming train games should be the next video!! Open world, survival, mmo, idc but all centered around trains

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