15 Games Where You Explore SPACE

as a species, exploring the unknown is something we have always been obsessed with, and there’s no greater unknown than the vast expanses of space.

And as is the case with so many other things, video games often help us fulfil these fantasies- some with more grounded attempts at simulations, others not so much. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen games that, in one form or another, allowed us to do just that.





  1. I'm gonna be making a roblox massive open world space game around next year some time.

  2. what Dead space? on space explore vid? are you kidding me?

  3. this person who make the video clearly dont play space game much

  4. Looks for games that explore space.
    First game is Metroid prime.
    Turns off video immediately.

  5. Title: 15 games where you explore SPACE

    Me: Alright yall I'm going to the sun

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  7. I wish someone would make a game where you start off with a small ship and hardly anything and you have to travel to planets and successfully land and collect resources. While also trying to survive with food and water and upgrading your ship and collecting fuel to get to further planets that seemingly get better resources but tougher enemies. And their no end. Simply based on survival and exploration.

  8. Mass Effect has Star Trek references, not from Star Wars.

  9. ew eve online you dont even fly the spaceship its a point and clikc flight system might as well not even play just get an ai to do it for you will give the same result lol

  10. Are you seriously leaning on the coldron of the cosmos

  11. Tony Stark: “Did you just say Hither to Undreamed of?”

  12. And what about SPORE I know its not exactly a game where you explore space but the last phase would fit there well

  13. Ok we have a different view on space exploration

  14. Does anyone know for any game where you evolve a civilization and build dyson spheres and all that? Idk how to even explain

  15. Maybe someone here can help with a game I can't remember the title of.
    I remember watching some fairly long play-through videos of it here a few years ago, but it ended maybe halfway into the game.
    You start out as someone who's lost most of their memory, but some friendly-ish entity is giving you some info and a spaceship to get you started on your journey to figure out what happened to you.
    You also have clones who are instantly endowed with your consciousness upon your death, so you don't start over from scratch when you die. The info scenes are mostly in 2D, but the rest is in 3D. You frequently come up against pirates or similar, and you're following a line of investigation into this pirate/rebel faction. At some point you end up "chatting" with a "pirate queen" over a com link, from outside the queen's spaceship or -station, after you've neutralized all her defenses. This rather nasty pirate queen seems to be much into SM orgys, and asks if you're interested.
    You ask her about what happened to you, and she tells you what she can, then blows herself up because she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in prison or something like that.
    Edit: I'm now fairly certain it was Crying Suns, but I mixed it up a bit with Everspace.

  16. Star Citizen is the game will never be released XD.

  17. Alexander Raffini Space Engines Stories and Sounds says:

    I'm not a serious gamer. I know Space Engine really well but I would like something similar that is a little more interactive. I'm not into shooting games much but I may have to learn. From what I have seen the 3 most impressive to me is Eve Online, Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. I'm leaning towards Star Citizen for exploration and ownership of a ship. Don't want to spend the first day trying to learn everything. Just download and play

  18. Super Mario Galaxy and it’s sequel should be here

  19. Freelancer is THE best space combat sim with the best story and really good multiplayer. The multiplayer had so much mods for different servers, giving you the option to visit custom created systems and fly custom created planes and much. But now, every space sim that is released is nothing but absolute garbage.

  20. can you tell me a good game where you explore galaxies for mobiles? thank you 🙏

  21. Elite dangerous is so big that in over 4 years ive never seen another player or had any fun, the veiws are great but the game is awful.

  22. "Where you explore" Mass effect ? Never explored space…, Destiny ? Never ! Dead space 3 ? NEVER !!! and do you know what is EXPLORE space ?

  23. Where’s Mario galaxy!? I know that’s a plat-former, but you go around flying to different planets in different galaxies, and the music is so grand. It should be #1

  24. What’s the best online exploring space game?? But with survival and looting?

  25. This truly was a spectacularly sufficient presentation. Thank you.

  26. hehe. EVE online atm is the oldest MMO still running. 1 year older then WoW

  27. i didnt see avorion on the list im angry 👹 avorion is a very VERY!!!! COOL game

  28. i love how every top 10 best space game videos say that Space Engineers is addicting and good for builders, and it Really is. ive been addicted to it for 3 years now

  29. i am here just to see what options are left for those who want to make a game that encompasses space

  30. This list is shit most games here are extremely limited when it comes to exploring and linear fps or rpgs fuck this channel move along nothing to see

  31. Why dead space 3 the most hated of three why not 2 the best of them thats also duuuh set in space? You fucking dufuses

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