15 Amazing Space Games That Let You Explore The UNKNOWN

Space remains one of the most popular backdrops to wondrous imaginations, all thanks to the infinite possibilities that it holds. The medium of games is perfect for letting players live out their fantasies of exploring this uncharted territory and unearthing the many secrets space holds, and there are so many great games that allow us to do just that.

When talking about space games, the ones that immediately come to mind but there’s just a breadth of other releases that also do some interesting things with this particular backdrop. With this feature, we will be running down 15 more games that let you explore the vast depths of space while engaging in different kinds of gameplay ranging from action to tactical and simulation and much more.


  1. Awesome. Been looking out for something new.

  2. Everspace 2 is the most fun i've had with a space game for a long time!

  3. I never heard of any of these games or even knew they existed other than Starfield. I can only assume these are PC specific or indie games.

  4. I hope there's a space game someday that's like a Bethesda rpg with seamless space travel and realistic space combat (like the expanse) and other technologies including cybernetics

  5. How can you list 15 games and not put no man's sky

  6. Starfield isnt about exploration, its tracked on bcs of demand, never a main feature. And its more like BoredField or FastTravel simulator with old school freespace mini game….

  7. thanks for the list, time stamps would be appreciated when doing a big list, thanks

  8. SOunds like you have major sinus issue buddy. VERY naSALLY AND ANNOYING to listen to

  9. Where the hell is Starsector? One of the best space-sim games I've played.
    Nice looking 2d graphics as well

  10. A list of space games isn't a list without EVE-ONLINE

  11. Surprised to not find No Man's Sky on a list of space exploration games.

  12. It's difficult to take this list seriously if it prefers Starfield despite its loading screens, lack of free exploration in space and on planets, lack of vehicles and rather generic visuals over No Man's Sky. Starfield may be a better RPG, but it's definitely not a better space exploration game than NMS.
    Also, how did FTL make the list as an exploration game, but Elite Dangerous that lets you freely explore a simulation of our entire Milky Way didn't? 😀

  13. the fact that the outer wilds isn't on this list makes this list some what invalid

  14. I'm so glad you mentioned Empyrion ! it's a real Diamond in a rough n multiplayer is quite active

  15. Another really good space game is Space Rangers.

  16. Any of these on consoles for us peasants?

  17. the day they're gonna make an actual "Star Wars" game where you can fly your ship around the universe, land on planets and explore them, become a sith, a jedi or a bounty hunter etc etc it's gonna be a good day. they have the perfect franchise, the perfect ambientation, an already written lore and a detailed universe and yet they always make basically the same game😅

  18. The inclusion of Starfield in this list makes me question the validity of the list.

  19. No mans Sky and Elite Dangerous are 2 other games that let you explore the Unknown

  20. Empyrion has got to be one of my favorites from this list followed by SpaceBourne2

  21. 8:00 I think you got the title wrong.
    It's not imperial galactic survival but Empyrion – Galactic Survival.

  22. Where is elite dangerous?
    also space rebels? thats an incomplete trash game you can finish in 20 hours

  23. I feel like No Mans Sky deserved a spot here, it’s undoubtably the biggest space exploration game ever with over 17 quintillion systems and is still getting free updates over 7 years later. Gigachad game developers

  24. Starfield? LMAO. Uhh, ever hear of No Man's Sky? A.I. videos really are shit.

  25. IXION really is a base building game with challeneges, think Frostpunk or Surviving The Aftermath, it is just that the base can move. I really do like the game, very hard though.

    I have the OG Evochron Mercenary and still play it from time to time, lot to explore.

    X3 had systems to jump between and some exploration, X4 supposedly is the same. A big sandbox.

    Nebulous is 0 exploration, pure PvP arena action. I have never won a single engagement so be very aware, every missile type has different warheads, seekers, radar modes and launch modes so there is a lot to learn. And you better learn it or lose always, like me.

  26. Nothing beats No man's sky and Star Citizen. I am disappointed you didn't mention those

  27. Starfield LMFAO. That game's "exploration" is fake!!

  28. Starfield, really?
    This list is a joke.

  29. I’m offended that no mans sky wasn’t on here

  30. Whoever set up your chapters managed to misspell almost every game. Sad.

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