10 Top Upcoming Space Games of 2021

We get fantastic space games drop every year, so here are ten new space games for you look out for in 2021!

If you want to discuss any of the games here, especially Starbase, come drop by my discord:

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0:00 Intro
0:12 Redout Space Assualt
1:12 Trigon Space Story
2:06 Stellar Warfare
2:52 ILL Space
3:42 Dyson Sphere Project
4:34 Everspace 2
5:31 In The Black
6:14 Spacebase Startopia
7:16 Starfield
7:54 Starbase

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  1. Since it's bethesda you can expect a good game ? I will just ban your toutube channel after this cause… bethesda you klnow…

  2. Very glad to see Everspace 2 in the list. Although technically it's already here 🙂 Long awaited.

  3. No honourable mentions or anything…

    Also where the heck is Star Citizen you seam to have missed it out entirely along with Squadron 42

  4. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Starbase vs Dual Universe. Pros and Cons, Similarities and differences in the games. They seem to be after the same audience and a lot of people like me are kinda wondering which one to take our communities into.

  5. For Starfield, it being Bethesda doesn't anymore mean that it's automatically good, it more likely begs the question whether it'll end up being a buggy mess like their recent games.

    I'm really looking forward to Starbase though. I've watched a couple of your videos as well as videos from others on that. I'm also curious about Dyson Sphere Project as Factorio-like games interest me a lot.

  6. waiting mostly for starbase but dyson sphere looks sick too

  7. Hey this was actually a good video I was looking for a content creator to make and I’m glad you were the one to make it!

  8. Other than STARBASE "In The Black" seems interesting! Never heard of it so I'm now going to check out videos on it!

  9. Wonderful video!
    Also does starbase have multiple servers or does it just have one like dual universe

  10. What kinda SB fan would I be if I didn't root for StarBase… But some of those RTS ones look pretty good too, as well as starfield

  11. I love space games, this was super informative ty 🙂

  12. Honestly, I would add Falling Frontier (EA June 2021) and Hunternet (TBA, but currently open Alpha).

    Falling frontier is RTS, with huge focus on logistic and time management in warfare in very big space system

    Hunternet is a space flight game, which gets a lot of inspiration from Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars. You can check it for free.

  13. Why do we almost never see city builder space station games? We get planetary city builders but the 3D nature of space stations would be a whole different ball game as the infrastructure would handled very differently. I was so happy to see there was going to be a new Startopia but what we really need is something more complex like City Skylines.

  14. Tin can looks like a cool space game too. Your trying to stay alive in an escape pod.

  15. And since its Bethesda, we can expect an epic pile of bugs, hehe
    Hoping they don't mess the game up too much. Very excited for starbase

  16. Didn't know I was in this list. Thanks!

  17. Hmmm….how can you say "you won't get bored" in an on rails space shooter ,I guess your no gamer

  18. that redout gameplay gives me heavy star fox assault vibes and im loving it

  19. 8:08 HA! Get delayed! Take everything related to this game with a grain of salt, and if you don’t, prepare to be MAJORLY disappointed. I have been waiting on this game for a YEAR, and it’s still no closer to a permanent realease date.

  20. Bethesda Starfield and into the black are what I can hope for starfighters combat sims. Those arcade shooters are really big turnoff

  21. The only hope is on Everspace 2 but I doubt it'll be released this year.

  22. "Starfield. Since is Bathesda I'm sure we can expect an epic space RPG of some sort and Bathesda themselves say it will be their biggest game yet."

    Yeah right. Biggest pile of horse crap with countless dung bugs, just like every other Fallout game they churn out. Never trust Bathesda.

  23. I'm sorry but most of this is just PIFFLE.

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