10 MOST ANTICIPATED upcoming SPACE games of 2023 and beyond

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It was very hard to make this list because everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to space games. And rightly so.

The first important criterion by which we selected these titles is that the game must contain, at least in part, gameplay that takes place in space itself, whether in the form of space battles and flying spaceships or a journey to more than one planet and/or solar system.

The second factor was the popularity of the title itself. So enjoy this list of 10 MOST ANTICIPATED upcoming SPACE games that will be released in 2023 and beyond!

▶️ ─── Chapters ─── ◀️
00:00 Intro
00:22 Everspace 2
01:15 Star Wars Eclipse
02:04 Kerbal Space Program 2
02:59 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
03:57 Homeworld 3
05:01 Beyond Good and Evil 2
06:10 Falling Frontier
07:19 Mass Effect
08:21 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
09:48 Starfield
11:04 Outro

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Everspace 2


Star Wars Eclipse

Kerbal Space Program 2

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Homeworld 3

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Falling Frontier

Mass Effect

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


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  1. No mention of Warhammer 40k Darktide?
    I guess since it takes place only one, single planet in the Imperium of Man, it's not a "space" game..
    That or people just don't like to promote 40k for whatever reasons they have.. Maybe it's too violent..

  2. Everspace 2

    If the game is in early access, then why steam want near 40€ for that ? I mean … Early access = Alpha testing of an incomplete product. Why should people pay for incomplete early access game ? Where is the proof that the game will worth that money later after launch ? Devs want money for that ? Dude … devs NEED people to even test out that thing !!!

  3. Looking forward to:
    1. Star Citizen
    2. Starwars eclips
    3. Starfield

  4. unfortunately, as far as I know the KOTOR remake has been put in indefinite hiatus this was on their twitter a while back.

  5. Starfield looks promising, but they realy should redone skills interface, looks ugly… well as always Bethesda making good games, but shity interface

  6. there is nebulous fleet command on early access which is the most interesting anf refrzshing space rts at that. the level of detail regarding strategy and realistic pace is really something that grab many attention. Im really enjoying it , it gives good expanse vibes also

  7. it's weird, I am SO extremely hyped for falling frontier. just all of the elements together with an absolutely beautiful streamlined artstyle (imo, anyway) and every time I see it I just want it more. not on this list but ixion has me pretty hyped too, I get some major "frostpunk in space" vibes from it

  8. No seamless transition and starfield is bullshit

  9. I want a no mans sky game that has a star wars skin and story. Now that would be f n awesome

  10. KSP2 will be better than all of these games but not get anywhere near as much attention.

  11. You mean there are other space games besides Star Citizen!? 😳

  12. Do they use a robot to comment this video?

  13. The most I’m looking forward to is starfield wow gonna be the best game I’ve experienced in my life time. Oh wait I have a playstation smh 🙄🤣

  14. You should look into "Ixion" as well, it will be out in December, its a space-builder/survival/strategy game. Rather interesting!

  15. The one you showed at the start of your video Star Citizen.

  16. I'm happy that reviewers have finally stopped promoting the Star Citizen joke.

  17. Till they finish and release Battlefront III and 1313, I think I'll pass on any Star Wars games. They remind me of Electronic Arts and Command & Conquer series. Losers.

  18. Rockstar should make an open world space game

  19. You introduce 10 different space games but in the start and in the end of this video you have Star Citizen content… No further comments from me. 😉

  20. I'm most looking forward to Starfield I'm just now taking a break from No Man's sky for the first time in over 3 years

  21. who remembers jumpgate evo.. to bad that never took off

  22. wing commander would be great to see come back

  23. WTF the title says 2022 and beyond but none of them are playable except everspace2 in 2022 FAULTS ADVERTISMENT!

  24. Honestly all the space games are good! But.! The King always will be Star Citizen, starfield will no mans sky with realistic textures basicly. BUT STAR CITIZEN IS ON THE TOP OF THE TOP IS THE REAL LIFE SPACE SIMULATOR, I LOVE STAR CITIZEN! GO STAR CITIZEN!

  25. These ai voice overs are so soulless and bad to listen to.

  26. If can't play for the Empire and kill rebel scum, not interested in a Star Wars game. Now, someone please pick up the Rebel Galaxy 3 project from the ashes.

  27. If there's anything I've learned from games that offer massive exploration, like Sea of Thieves, Star Citizen, NMS, etc.

    You CANNOT play them alone all the time. It's a depressing, painful and lonesome experience. Even a group of AI would make it somewhat interesting. But having no multiplayer/co-op, might just be the achilles heel the game's devs never thought it had.

    All the best, Star Field.

  28. look when you do research into these titles do some peace and research ok do not promote star servicing it's a lie why they saying that are running at rest but then bear running a promotion scam to make it not a game paint working on the game itself did fixing the issues you usually pics when you are running a test doing anything on that game unless they're absolutely has two eyes for the horror game that they are developing they can present ships really fast when they need to make money when I strip down my PC but everything all drivers and go to basic and download the cheapest window 10 program I can get and I download my order hardcore PVP game like if online I don't have any problems but when I do it with star citizen I'm going to have to wait but getting all of Microsoft's game drivers you are allowed to think for yourself

  29. If your going to make Anticipated video's like this, please get rid of the text to speech reader and have someone actually announcing them. Please

  30. Starfield , but its a down that it will be an automatic landing secuence …and singleplayer? oops…

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