10+ Games for Space Combat Sim Fans on Switch

Nintendo World Report TV
John breaks down a total of 12 games that fans of 3D space combat will want to try out on Switch

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00:00 Intro
01:45 Subdivision Infinity DX
02:27 Manticore Galaxy on Fire
03:19 Sublevel Zero Redux
03:38 Sky Rogue
04:01 Strike Suit Zero
04:40 War Tech Fighters
05:38 Everspace
06:33 Space Commander: War and Trade
07:19 Hyperspace Delivery Service
07:33 Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
07:51 Starlink: Battle for Atlas
08:39 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
09:39 Outro

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  1. Ive yet to find a single one that uses gyro properly, you know, like a flight steering grip. Combat sims like this dont play well with a small analog stick. Too jerky and awkward. If anyone knows of a game that uses gyro properly, please let me know.

  2. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was awesome.Manticore is boring and slow, with way too much "Needle in a haystack exploration" looking for ship parts. Why? Subdivision Infinity was awesome, much better than Manticore IMO, way better dogfights and no boring Easter egg hunts.Sublevel Zero Redux was ok.Space Commander War and Trade blows.Everspace was boring. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

  3. Excellent 👍. I see a few here I didn't know about that I am going to get right now, especially that last one. Thanks for this list Another good one I didn't see here is EVENT HORIZON: SPACE DEFENSE.

  4. This is a nicely presented vid, good work 👍🏻Anything else worth checking out in the last year?

  5. Rebel Galaxy outlaw is a must if you played Wing Commander and Privateer. Runs excellently on Switch

  6. Rebel galaxy is brilliant, but I played it on the Xbox 1X, just wish it was supported still as it looks ruff as hell on then seriesX 😂 music is brilliant also. (It’s all on Spotify)

  7. Recently downloaded Subdivision Infinity & this game is sick! Great graphics, great music and the fact that there is a campaign element in a shooter game is awesome. Also…the menu layouts are logically laid out and there are no overly complicated & congested RPG elements(i.e., no toiling over elaborate tutorials & long orientation sessions)….as it's all just a matter of firing it up and playing it, plain & simple. Best of all, I scored it for only $4.49…how is this possible?I recently acquired Elite Dangerous for the first time and although the realism is impressive, it feels more like a NASA training simulator and it's overwhelmingly dense and complicated. It's impossible to just start the game & learn as you go( in fact, you have to go through a long and tedious process of training modules and watching scores of YouTube videos(F**K THAT!)I made an attempt to do some exploring and I chose the Arcadian location(which is 7.34 lightyears away)…& after spending 90 minutes in SuperCruise mode, I only got as far as 5 lightyears….by which time, I was DONE wit5h this ridiculous game.

  8. This is the video I didn't know I needed!

  9. I've only played Starlink so dar, so I can't say which is my favorite as I haven't played enough of them yet. I do want to play these though, and thanks to you that includes the Battlestar Galactica one.

  10. Thanks for this video! I’ve been wondering for a while which would be the best space shooter to get. Now I’ll go and watch your reviews. Might end up getting Starlink. It for sure has co-op. I want something I can play with my son. Great vid!

  11. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw sounds great – they really mishandled their store page, though. No screenshots or videos to represent the game at all on the eshop, at least over in my region. Generally that only happens with the sort of asset flip ripoffs you'd never want to spend money on.

  12. I love the genre, but I gotta say I hated Space Commander War and Trade – I gave up with it after an hour, due to the massively tough economy.

  13. Redout Space Assault ? Where does that one fit into this list ?

  14. Have Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on my radar as i have played both Manticore and Everspace (love both of them). Also did not know I didn't need the little plastic ships for Starlink, so might pick that one up as well. I was a huge Wing Commander player back in the day and would you compare Outlaw to Privateer? Thanks for the awesome video and will definitely be referencing it for future purchases. Now if i could just stop buying roguelikes, i might be able to finish something some time soon.

  15. No one really talks about Starlink even though you can play the whole game as Fox. I thought for sure Nintendo would license Ubisoft to make a Star Fox afterwards but I guess not. Shame.

  16. Great list! As an old time fan of the genre I salute you ofr this list. I have all of them except the war mech one. Great list, hope see mpre like that in the future.

  17. Great video just what i needed. Just to mention everspace is 40 bucks and outlaw 30, so I think the most expensive one is everspace.

  18. This was the first good switch review I’ve found about any genre of game! Great job

  19. I bought Everspace some months ago and highly recommend it. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun with a video game. Many of the galaxies are so beautiful I pause and take pictures of them. There's countless stations, wrecks, and objects to explore. There are three main levels of difficulty plus a "hardcore" mode. Combat is varied as you have a number of enemy fighters, drones, and large vessels to fight, each with different weapons and defenses of their own. The number of upgrades, weapons, and expendable items seems almost endless.

    When I bought my copy it was $30 digital, but the cartridge was $20 on Amazon so I went the cheaper route.

  20. I want this genre be combined mmorpg and be available on switch then we talk

  21. Thanks for the video, I was looking out for space games as developers has stopped creating games like this for android… The only recent one is star commander… I have played galaxy on fire 2, subdivision infinity, second galaxy, eve echoes. I would really luv to try out others once I get my switch.

  22. The proper control ratio is roll rate being the fastest and on the X of the stick, Y being half the rate authority in the pitch but optimally limited by Gs, and the yaw being on twist or pedals and being a fraction of the rate of the stick axis… usually about 1/3 to 1/4 of one the others. Yaw in airplanes doesn't simply cause horizontal panning-like movement, either. Many of the shooters are too slow on the roll and too fast on the yaw, turning into point & shoot whack-o-mole with people mostly just panning up/down and left/right in predictable circles rather than maneuvering during fights.

  23. I was going to get everspace , I was sure of it but then came across rebel galaxy outlaw and looked super awesome! As I was going in to decide which one to get in the Nintendo Eshop I saw starlink was on sale for 80% and the sale ended in 4 hours so I went for that grab instead lol…. Now im debating which one to get next . Everspace or Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Cheers.

  24. They really like the word "zero" don't they?
    Great list, have a real hankering for some space fun but no access to my pc at present, definatley going to pick a fee of these up!
    Appreciate the honorable mentions and side mentions too, really adds that bit extra. (I have everspace 2 on pc, it's great!)

  25. I bought subdivision infinity DX and manticore galaxy on fire because of this video, I REALLY wish the ace combat series was here though

  26. Now they're finally porting No Man's Sky to the switch. Kinda funny how it all turned out in the end. Now everyone loves No Man Sky, it's a roaring success. Which nobody would have predicted

  27. This video is 100×100 what I was looking for.


  28. I didn't know any of these space games existed on switch!!
    Thank you for the info, i shall now buy them all.
    I love space games

  29. I love the look of Starlink, but I like physical games not digital so I guess as I am not a fan of plastic this game is no good for me. Then I love galaxy outlaw but that one is only digital? The future of gaming doesn’t look good for me! So are any of the others available on cartridge? Thanks for your review it’s very informative.

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