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In this video we’ll walk you through 10 Best Space Games For Xbox One & Series X/S 2021

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  1. i havent watched this whole video so i dont know everything on the list. i really like warframe its a game where you can do levels on different planets and fight bosses and level up you weapons and warframe (charector) with mods that you can level up with credits and endo (currencys)

  2. Using a voice over voice sounds so robotic. 🤣 Ruined the video.

  3. Outer wilds is suck a good game. It’s a self paced story that unfolds as you explore and explore. Nothing comes to you you go to it. 10/10 man. I loved the ended.

  4. Thanks I was looking for good space games on Xbox

  5. idk what that other guy was saying this is one of the best top 10 video i’ve seen, and straight to the point

  6. Elite dangerous ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  7. I'm surprised Space Engineers isn't on this list it's widely opinionated to be better than No Man's Sky, and it's literally like Minecraft with creativity but space.

  8. Why is these games for money or game pass?!! I'm really sad now

  9. elite dangerous is good but it it isn’t gonna get anymore updates on consoles 😢

  10. You can't build a space station in astroneer

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