Wibble wobble experience

Crazy physics based action puzzler in zero gravity.
After the mysterious crashy-bangy accident on space milk station Rodeo 808, you have to save space cows from death in cold space. Wobble through wrecked station avoiding deadly obstacles: sharp debris pieces, loose electrical cables or out of control fires. On top of it, there is a strange mutation spreading among the cows which makes them go bonkers. The same environment that is hazardous to you can be used against crazy cows - just wibble them on some spikes. Don’t let them touch you or you will join the loony moony pack.
Physics-based craziness
fun to play and watch
Solving puzzles
push/pull objects or characters to your advantage
Skill-based movement
learn to control spineless hero and enjoy his fails
20 challenging levels
filled with hilarity, dead bodies and hay

space milk farm

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